Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh Gawd


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  1. I get it. But overall, not that funny.

    *moves on*

  2. lame insults lame.

    great, nothiing to see here

  3. come on that’s pretty jokes!

  4. Woah… For a minute there I thought his ass was sore from having the squats, with squats meaning “the shits.”

    I don’t think I’ve had enough coffee yet this morning.

  5. You know what’s not “godlike?” Phillip’s spelling and lack of punctuation.

  6. Who coined the term “hella”? I want to punch them in the vagina.

  7. Lamebook fail.

  8. Denny got in too late with an obvious joke 🙁

  9. Hermaphrodites

  10. So I guess now you just put it up here anytime anyone says anything, huh

  11. I thought chicks are the only ones who worked out they ass cheeks. vote.

  12. “Oh Gawd” ….? Really, Lamebook?

  13. I’m amazed it took three comments for someone to reference homosexuality. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  14. Hellas? So his ass cheeks are the country of Greece?

  15. “godlike upper body with chicken shit legs” = steroids

  16. @ Tim – that’s what I was thinking!

    This is lame. So, it suits Lamebook.

  17. What the hell does hellas hella mean?

  18. he spells dude “dood”. that alone is lame.

  19. Hmm, must get myself some gay bodybuilding buddies on FB – their banter is just so enervating.

    Wondering if Phillip’s surname might be McCavity?

  20. @mcowles. Lmao

  21. Wow, this website is just full of people with OCD over spelling. I could probably place a safe bet that most users on here are the type of people that spell check every comment before posting.

    To all the people that felt the need to comment an entry on to say that it was lame. Glad the point of the site got to you.

  22. Um, Matt…many people just know how to spell, without having to use spell check. And there’s nothing OCD about it–spelling is not really an approximate kind of thing, a horseshoes-and-hand-grenades type of situation.


    “Get the duck off me” vs. “Get the fuck off me.”


    “You are a royal douchebag” vs. “You are a loyal douchebag.”


    “OMG i wud rlly <3 2 wrk 4 ur copmny" vs. "I gladly accept the job offer."

  23. i think Denny’s joke was funny either way.

  24. @22:

    Yes. I am good at spelling, and I don’t use spell check because it just annoys me, and I don’t need it. For example, a long time ago, I was writing god-knows-what in Word. I said something about a mohawk (the hairstyle). It capitalized it. -_- I’m not talking about the Mohawk tribe, you idiot computer.

  25. LMFAOO.


  26. yesyesyes, Denny!

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