Thursday, January 28, 2010

KingDUMB Came

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  1. I’m still not a knob-end, so I’m just gonna go ahead and assume Ben’s an attention seeking troll who’s trying to get people to be sympathetic towards him by pretending people are stealing his name. Like a shit, impossible Boz.

  2. Do you want to be a knob-end?

  3. Oh, fuck!

    Wait… what the hell was the point in bringing in the profile feature if absolutely anyone can use my name and call me a knob-end?

  4. @BritishHobo

    If you logout, and then login again directly on that page, you can change your first or last name. If you change it, you can select to be displayed as your first name, etc.

  5. Yay! Thank you grammarpolice and errorkey! I shall be known as yet another grmmrnazi no more! Even if that has been my online persona for ten years…

  6. Although I must insist that I was more of a benevolent dictator, even for an English teacher.

  7. I bet she graduated from public school.


  8. I love you Ben, you provide me with much laughter 😀

  9. …and also, is it just me or does anyone scan the comments for Ben, Sensible Madness, BritishHobo and grammarpolice’s comments first, then go back and read the others for potentual?

    perhaps i need a life *sigh*

  10. As an English teacher in a public school…yup, she graduated from a public school. Kids these days…

  11. “My daughter is graduating!!”

    I guess the rear window isn’t big enough for “…and quite possibly rooting half the footy team, spending her lunchtimes smoking in the dunnies and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs!”

    *Sigh* Yanks can be so OTT

  12. Her daughter is graduating, but mom can’t spell. Daughther? LOL

  13. ben sucks cock

  14. ben is the epitome of lame

  15. I posted this, and NO this is not my car. I saw it in a parking lot and couldn’t help but submit it.

  16. Mary is a hero.

  17. can someone explain the first one?

  18. Daughther = Daughter. They misspelled it by adding the extra ‘h’. Obviously, their daughter didn’t get her brains from whoever wrote that.

  19. CaptainCurious

    I think Ben has multiple personality disorder.

  20. I think you have multiple penetration disorder.

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