Monday, November 8, 2010

Prepared for Parenthood

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  1. I’m love that the girl just laughs when people freak out that she’s mistreating her baby.

  2. I* not I’m.

    Also, Tracy had a bomb at the fair? I wonder if this had anything to do with her sexy wrestler ex-boyfriend being there. I smell a murder attempt.

  3. Idiots. They are all idiots.

  4. I weep for the human race.

  5. Indeed, as do I.

  6. So does it cost $180 to take a turn, or just $20?

  7. Come on everyone, someone tell what good is a baby at that age?
    What exactly can they do except crying an shit? northing.

    putting them in handbags as accessory, taking horrible pics of them is like the best thing for them.

  8. dandelionsrdeadly

    All I have to say about all three is Idiocracy. If the intelligent do not start doing something about the over breeding of the idiots we are all F^&*ed

  9. Second that, although the money-bow is kinda cute.

  10. “gettin him ready for the luxurious life” there is not a single thing in that picture that comes even close to the definition of “luxurious”

    and the last one: nothing says “i’m poor as shit” more then covering your child in 20’s and posting it on facebook. sad just sad

  11. I’ll join you in weeping for the human race. Oh *Face/palm*

  12. @Soup – Wow. Just wow.

  13. On top of my baby is generally where I keep my money too.

  14. @soup – it actually took me a second to get your comment. I lol’d!

    I am also weeping for the human race and believe that Mike Judge was really on to something with “Idiocracy”. The only comfort I get is the belief that I should be long dead before it reaches the severity that the movie displayed. Unfortunately I will have to sit back and watch the world slip away all around me!

  15. I agree with the general consensus of weeping for the human race!

  16. “Money Makin Mina,” huh? Only if in 20 years from now, part of her daily job requirement is to hear the following phrase:

    “Gentlemen! Put your hands together and welcome MEEEE-NAAAA to main stage! MINA to the main stage . . . Trinity, stand by.”

  17. It says Miha, not Mina.

  18. It’s so great that our tax dollars get to provide for these stupid ass people. It could only get better if we were taxed for the historical research and care of sand castles.

  19. “People who annoy you”

  20. NAGGERS!!

  21. ewwww. How many crevices was that money in?

  22. If they’re going to use a Spanish word like Mija couldn’t they at least try to spell it right?

  23. I wonder if the girl in the first one knows that “stylo” means “pen” in French?

    And to be carried in a purse could be considered a luxurious life… you know, for a chihuahua…

  24. You know, with all of those twenties, you’d think that mother could at least go pay off her prepaid phone bill instead of calling in and bitching about it.

  25. DEAR GHETTO PEOPLE, pictures with dollar bills don’t make you look rich or successful. It makes you look trashy and retarded.

  26. I think she is hinting to Miha being a future stripper.

  27. Yeah we went to the fair yesterday…my friend is a jungle cat. I have several STD’s….I am terrified of foreigners….Oops did I go off on a random tangent again. Well as long as I’m here I should probably spite some people.

  28. You know what, I was suicidal..but now I’m going to fucking do it. There is no hope for humanity left!

    @Soup, I don’t get the joke, but it’s alright. You humour never fails, and I’m sure it was another gem; so I will laugh anyways.

  29. this is why i wish fb was still just for college least then statuses would be have better grammar when describing pregnancy scares and STDs…besides, let myspace collect all this baby mama drama of middle school kids…thats what its there for (

  30. That would be “it’s” with an apostrophe, correct, sweetpea88?
    Just yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend who is a professor at a prestigious, expensive university. He was reading a paper submitted by an undergrad. This undergrad used “baring” instead of “bearing,” and “populous” instead of “populace.” College kids are all so smart.

  31. Us collage keeds ain’t all that smarts. Belief ewe me. I’m in college and so most of my FB friends are too…and many of them reach a whole new brand of moron. Literally, a level that makes me wonder how the Christ they passed high school, let alone made it into college.

  32. WAIT! Figured out the retarded name. I think she was shooting for the spanish mija which is short for mi hija aka my daughter….but can’t spell. Yes? No? Yes.

  33. Keona, you make me sad.

  34. I believe her name would be pronounced like Mia. I’m thinking the H is to make it unique.
    Either way all of the above = trash bag city!

  35. @ Soup, I’m sorry, I will attempt to be Wallace for a moment: Your joke is about taking turns fucking with the stripper baby? Maybe just fucking..we know the pedos would be all over that ghetto-licious.

  36. FUCK! Is she fucking serious? What a psycho, even dogs shouldn’t be carried in bags let alone babies.

    #2 Tracy made me laugh so much.

    Miha’s a darling, I think I’ll make myself a wee bow for my hair just like that 🙂

  37. Jo is sporting the brand new Thick Slag Baby Bag (TM)this seasons must have essential for sloppy bucketed cum guzzling baby makers.

    Wow Miha is already making money! Imagine how much she’ll be able to earn once she can hold a cock all on her own!

  38. the 2nd one is from north carolina

  39. “minimanf91 November 9th, 2010 at 10:56 am
    the 2nd one is from north carolina”

    Wrong. I sent it in. The second one is from Nutbush, TN. She and her friends’ profiles are lamebook goldmines.

  40. ..That first one with the baby in the purse is actually really upsetting… Shocking funny but not funny “haha”… it scares me.

  41. This one made me sad. And racist.

  42. I agree with fletch. Way to go, random black person. You suck at life.

  43. Wow, and I thought purse dogs were bad.

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