Thursday, October 1, 2009

Free WTF

Free WTF

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  1. But he still has a leaky cock.

  2. Someone is taking the ‘social’ in social networking way too seriously.

  3. Good for you, guy. Good. For. You.

  4. Is that supposed to make getting the ladies easier?

  5. He just had to say “holla” didn’t he?

  6. In this day and age, it should be a law that people carry around medical proof that they are disease free. What women couldn’t resist someone that won’t give a life long reminder of their one night stand?

  7. J-a-e-s-o-n.

  8. Another jackass parent that can’t spell their child’s first name.

  9. His test for bad cholesterol was slightly high, but I’m sure his IQ test was frightfully low.

  10. Gaeson

  11. Jaeson, wait! You didn’t even tell us your blood pressure! Was it high, low, normal? How’s your iron level? We want all the details.. don’t leave us hanging!
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  12. Would he have posted it if he had an STD?

  13. Ummmm I didn’t realise that the only STD’s that existed were syphilis and HIV…silly me!

  14. Adnoxious – would you please piss off with your spamming?

  15. That is almost as gay as this:

  16. @Opalnera hahaha see he just didn’t want to tell everyone but he has chlamydia and herpes. By posting on Facebook that he is STD free and showing them only these results he thinks people won’t realise there are other things that could go wrong

  17. The obfuscation on this picture is lacking. I can tell from a cursory glance that his middle initial is J and that is last name ends with TON. As such, you may want to either black out the names entirely or remove the picture in case you run afoul of HIPAA laws.

  18. Oh my God. How stupid are you that you would post that? Over-sharing is annoying enough but Jesus God, a lab test?

  19. Get in line ladies!

  20. Sounds like JAEson has made a few lifestyle choices I haven’t…

  21. @ 20 – You decided it was a goal to obtain HIV and syphilis, he decided it was a goal to be STD-free?

  22. If you all saw the nasty holes that Jaeson was putting his troll into, you would understand why he’s so excited with the results that he had to post them on facebook.

  23. TMI!

  24. @Bobby, I think Jaeson threw his hipaa rights out the window when he posted this pic online.

  25. @Star

    exactly what I was thinking

  26. @Star

    I don’t think any privacy laws apply to things you choose to put in the public domain.

  27. Can’t say I understand how some called JAEson managed to contract these diseases of which he is now rid.

    I bet he looks like Joe Dirt.

  28. @Spanky, so so true.

  29. I think he’s sending a message to the biatches, to see if he can get some nookie.

    I mean, who wouldn’t wanna fcuk Jaeson? He’s STD free, for god’s sake!

  30. Congratulations, Jaeson, you’re a fat virgin. Those lunchtimes at Fatburger have really paid off.

  31. Photo 64 of 65… he gets tested pretty often.

  32. I call Photoshop

  33. We hear his tests for intelligence and class both came back negative too.

  34. Hey ladies, there’s at least 2 STDs that JAEson doesn’t have!
    How can you resist?

  35. Omg i think i need to get my pet frog i mean dog tested for that

  36. Maybe if he didn’t go round sticking his wang into every woman who lets him he just might not need to worry about little things like STD’s……… Exercise your brain people.. IE USE it you dummy’s.

  37. The STIs he mentioned are the ones that will be picked up in a blood test. Chlamydia is a urine test and herpes is tested when you have an outbreak.

    I seriously hope you all get tested for STI’s regularily, no matter how few partners you’ve had :s Holla!

  38. bitches lie… wrap it up

  39. I require a full blood work-up for each man I date.

    Cholesterol levels being the most important.

  40. I would account him being STD free as a result of the “slightly high” cholesterol aka lard ass. Chicks usually dont dig man tits

  41. Assuming Jaeson is young with no risk factors for cardiovascular disease, 107 does not really qualify as elevated LDL. I wouldn’t bother treating him until he topped 160.

  42. Elaine, I’ll assume you’re not a doctor so maybe you shouldn’t be giving out medical advice to people without stating as such.

    Total cholesterol is the most important number regardless of how high or low the LDL is. 107 is only one part of the number and it’s also the worst part. If your HDL is 100, then you are definitely a candidate. Most doctors won’t put you on statins unless you’re at 200 (total) or more – not 160.

  43. Duno which is sexier -the evidence of being STD free or the use of the word ‘holla’.

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