Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Craptimus Prime

Craptimus Prime

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  1. Really Keith? That’s the first thing you think of?

  2. Wow.
    Keith must have some very unsual fantasies…
    I don’t even want to know.

  3. Please be a typo. Please be a typo. Please be a typo.

  4. I think Keith is making a grievous error of judgment in assuming that Megan Fox WANTS to shit on his chest.

    I mean, maybe she would rather shit on Danni’s chest. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Ya Flipson, Megan’s too good for Keith’s chest.

  6. We are all aware that Keith’s reply is in reference to “Not Another Teen Movie”?

  7. Not really lame, just not funny.

  8. why is it that when a man writes “shit on my chest” we go straight towards him. I say lets look at Kenneth. He voted for calling Megan Fox sweet. Now I ‘d have to agree with Flipson about Danni’s chest. Danni at least sees that Megan Fox is more than just sweet, but freakin hot

  9. Haha the best part about this is the title “Craptimus Prime”… thanks admins!

  10. I’m more thinking the lame part is that they actually enjoyed Transformers 2.

  11. @Kinga

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’d prefer to have some mediocre Hollywood starlet shitting on my chest than to have Michael Bay shitting in my eyes for two hours.

  12. @ Bearerofbadnews: That’s what I was thinking about when I read it.

    @Kinga: So true.

  13. Transformers 2 is rubbish.
    And another funny thing is that Megan Fox is a basket of crazy and would probably be keen to shit on Kenneth’s chest.

  14. I hear that’s a sign of affection on the planet where he comes from.

  15. hahahaha, was NOT expecting Keith’s response there

  16. It’s not that sexy to have someone shit on your chest. And by the way, how can you come out and ask?

    “Megan, you’re so hot. Please shit on my chest.”
    “No really”

  17. Boz: brilliant x)

  18. Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a shit on the chest…

    P.S. @Boz – well put!

  19. I bet it’s the same guy with shit on his penis that we all saw. They both seem to be tied together…

  20. Frankly, I’d suck her shit into a point.

  21. That’s disgusting.

  22. Keith should get together with the guy with shit on his dick…

  23. I would Suck a Fart out of her Arse =)

  24. Am I the only one that thinks she’s somewhat attractive, but not more than that?

    I would never let her shit on my chest… MAYBE I’d lay underneath a glass coffee table and let her shit on it while I watch, but that’s about as far as I would go with that.

  25. It’s hard to disagree with that

  26. Keith you are the reason I turn on the interwebs everyday.

  27. good point mcowles.

    I would point out that the guy didn’t say he would let er shit on his face, or mouth. I guess chest is more formal for him…

  28. k so would you rather shit on someones chest or have soneone shit on your chest?

  29. Hey… how’d that get there?

  30. Well, she is hot. Keith, FTW.

  31. […] Two robots, one cup. […]

  32. Robots + Scat = WTF?

  33. Movie quote people. He’s not serious.

  34. Chest shitting, really? Ya don’t wana bang her Keith? Ya little freak.

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