Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brotherly Love


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  1. Please, stop with this applications! JUST STOP!

  2. Here’s an idea, when you get the option to publish the results or not to publish the results. DON’T PUBLISH!

  3. Hahahahaha

  4. I absolutely love the sense of begging in this.
    In my head its like “my brother… NOOOO!!”

  5. This is why you don’t do stupid shit like this to begin with.

  6. prettyprettyprincess


  7. Something very like that happened to a friend of mine. But then her cousin jumped in, and…

    Well maybe it’s better if you see for yourselves:

  8. Boz, that conversation was far better than this one.

  9. Maybe the ‘no’ is the hidden truth finally revealed, stupid app as revelatory experience!

  10. They are going to make an App for and App so you can waste time and look stupid while wasting time and looking stupid.

  11. @james

    At the risk of sounding like a whiny little bitch, I sent it in some time ago. But I’m not complaining. I get WAY too much lulz from this site to complain about anything.

    Too much lulz? too many lulz? “lulz” is a corruption of LOLs, but can it now be seen as a singular? Have we come that far?

  12. @Boz…thank you for that. I needed a good laugh.

  13. Boz…that was amazing! I stumbled it to a few people!

  14. Oh Boz you dump ass! Now everyone knows your true identity… and your name’s Barry? Really? No wonder you changed it to Boz…

  15. @Tyler

    Yeah. Everyone now knows enough about me to come over for tea and biscuits. You are all welcome.

    I’ve never had any problem with stalkers, mainly because I make myself so completely available that none of their clever stalking strategies are of any use.

    I’m glad you all liked it. Because I fucking loved handing his ass to him.

  16. Is she from the South?

  17. I thought the actual submission was great, but Boz’s screencap was waaaay better. How did that NOT get published here?

    I’ve put that on my tumblr, Boz.

  18. I see that some of you are linking to the image. I suppose I should link you to the original:

    In case you want to comment on it there, or link to the original post from your blogs, or whatever.


  19. bwahahahaha…the ‘dump-ass’ action going on over at Huong’s page is so much funnier than the post on here…love your work, Boz.

  20. I agree with the majority here.. Go Boz!! (or going with that guys version of english, should it be Poz? ;0) )that WAS way funnier than this, and I am officially adopting “dump ass” into my daily vocab!! Cheers for the giggle!

  21. That was fucking hilarious!

    ps …sorry, for my bad word…


  22. By the fuck I’d love a slice judgement pie right about now…with a great big dollop of condemnation cream.

  23. *slice of


  24. Just agreeing with everyone here. Boz’s one is so much better than this one. Lamebook really should have put it up. dump asses

  25. unanimous. dumpass is the new blue. stolen, thanks

  26. Is it just me or is Barry/Boz hot?

  27. @JJ

    If my personal experience is anything to go by, it’s just you. Sorry.

  28. @Boz.. Damn.. I was almost going to add you as a friend and stalk

  29. Erin, I am your Father…

  30. Noooooooooooooooooooo!

  31. Why does Erin have to be so narrow-minded?

  32. here is a genius idea…DELETE IT!

  33. Hysterical Boz — thanks for the laugh this morning!

  34. Boz, I am your humble servant.

  35. To update everyone on this. I reluctantly went out on a date with my brother and to everyone’s surprise, it went REALLY well. There were a few awkward moments, like when my/his mom drove us to the mall, but overall it was pretty great.

    It’s really got me feeling guilty for calling him a “stinky face” all those years. Making out with him has convinced me that his face no longer smells bad at all.

  36. Now I know to never take that quiz…Not sure why she still published that.

  37. She published it. She must like it/agree on some level.

  38. oh my days WHY PUBLISH IT. i hope she was just too retarded to know you could NOT publish it…

  39. This is one of those cases where its not so much the person’s reaction but the app……

  40. @ Boz – Great post. You should franchise judgment pie. It’d be a big seller.

  41. MyLamebookSubmission
  42. @MyLamebookSubmission haha. idiot.

  43. @MrNotItAll

    I’ve already made some shirts.


    If you’re going to link my stuff, at least link it properly:

    However, I’m glad you liked my LiveJournal enough to read back that far.

  44. haha Barry Purcell!!oh it gets better!!Go barry!! re Boz..liking the way you think!oh ive just read back over posts and realised ive jumped on the ‘lovin Boz’ band wagon..sure the journeys loadsa fun…

  45. @Boz… That link at #7 was magical. Thank you!

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