Thursday, May 19, 2011


“I drive a taxi at night and my last job for the night was three people on a 1.3km trip.  Is it too hard to walk? The lady in the front seat was very grateful for the trip, but it wasn’t until after I’d moved on that I noticed that the seat was soaking wet. She pissed in it!”


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  1. Stever muvvafukkers.

    And what kind of a name is “Miehelle” ?

  2. There you go, put a tattoo of a dead girl right on the spot where guys will be nutting on you for years to come. Nice shrine.

  3. Are those $1 bills on her head?

  4. Forget the bills! Are those nickels glued on the other side of head?? WTF?!

  5. So she has, what, about $13.85 stuck to her head? Bitch got some cash.

  6. thatfukkenfurry

    Shiiiiit, she rollin’ in dough, yo. Does she make her hair curlers out of penny stacks?

  7. Um… isn’t that the driver’s seat?

  8. Nothing says ghetto like $1 bills and coins!

  9. @mandicane, In the caption it mentions a 1.3km trip. I am thinking this must be a right hand drive car, making this the passenger seat.

  10. pandainspandex

    It’s only the driver’s seat if this picture is from a country that drives on the right side of the road. The person who submitted the photo could live in, say, England. And I’m going to assume that they definitely do live somewhere in Europe since they used km instead of mi.

  11. pandainspandex

    I mean, Europe or someplace else that isn’t the US.

  12. Ugh. Yes…. I love being smart.

  13. Only four European countries continue to drive on the left: Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom. Ireland and the UK use miles not kilometers in common parlance.

    Malta and Cyprus use kilometers, so it’s either of those – I’m going to say Cyprus as the car looks newer than any car in existence in Malta (all cars in Malta are pre-war)

  14. Ireland converted to KMs/h on road signs in 2005, just saying 😛

  15. Nice logic, DukeGuy, except that you’re wrong about Ireland. Also, there are so many countries outside of Europe that use kilometres and drive on the left. Australia, for one. I can imagine an Australian passenger doing this. 😛

  16. Damn pgoat, you beat me to it; it could well be an Aussie pic, and it does look vaguely like the front seat of a Ford Falcon or something like it..

  17. New Zealand?

  18. pandainspandex

    No matter where it is, it’s still gross AMIRITE???

  19. We drive on the left in NZ, also in Australia, also Thailand,Indonesia (supposedly but actually they drive all over the road) India, Japan, South Africa, Fiji, Brunei, Singaport and I’m sure there’s loads more that I haven’t been to

  20. I realize he’s upset at the pee in the seat, but why is he pulling the “is it too hard to walk” thing? If he’s a taxi driver, shouldn’t he generally be glad people choose cabs over walking? Plus, if you’re that drunk, yes, it is that hard to walk.

  21. That silly fuckpig in the second photo reminds me of my thirty fourth wife.

    I used to spend a penny all over her boat race too.

    Monterey is the root of all evil.

  22. pandainspandex

    @lametothemin- He’s probably just pissed after the fact because of the whole, you know, pee thing.

  23. pandainspandex

    Haha that was an unintentional horrible pun or whatnot.

  24. ifitwerentformyhorse

    1) Easy fix.
    2) LOL
    3) Grosssssssss! Why…seriously, why??? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve peed on the side of the road once or twice or lots of times, but WTF? Although another time I got stuck in bad traffic for hours, and I had to pee in a bottle and may have missed a little. But since the girl in question was already outside before she got in the taxi, one would assume it would make much more sense for her to go outside than during 1km ride.

    On a totally unrelated note, pet stores sell an enzyme pee cleaner thing that totally works. Not that I would know or anything. Ahem.

  25. This is why I don’t want to get a tattoo.

  26. I guess the first one is funny in particular, because Michelle is the mother of the girl that got the tattoo.

  27. I wouldn’t say it’s Australian. All of our taxi’s EVERYWHERE have either plastic coated seats or leather seats and grand-spankin-new cars. And facebook hasn’t been around quite THAT long for it to be an old car. But yeah, these are the reasons why our ttaxi drivers put plastic covers over all the seats pee, spew, shit, drool, drinks blahblahblah the normal stuff.

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