Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mush Mash

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  1. This tops the cake for passive aggressive.

  2. I.. uh…
    I’m a little disturbed and very nauseous, suddenly
    gotta go

  3. Everyone is always bashing on Americans….so, I feel great to be able to say “typical fucking Brit.” Har har 😉

    wandr, got an extra barf bag? I’m eating breakfast and unfortunately started to read. u.u

  4. Ha! I love it! us Canadians can still laugh at both of you 😛

  5. Who said these people were british? I know it says liverpool but it also says college. We go to University not College.

  6. British people are also not called Maxeene …

  7. And generally say “arsehole” not “asshole”

  8. But they do say “bloody hell” “Oi” “nite” etc etc….it’s alright. It was just a joke. Surely it can be taken?

  9. they are welsh.

  10. nah I’m cool with it, though I don’t think they are British. Also what’s British about “nite”? And what’s welsh about any of it?

  11. British, Welsh, whatever; they are still retarded!

  12. Either way, they’re European and they suck!

  13. Welsh is British. You’re retarded.

  14. There’s nothing welsh about what they are saying, I looked up their profile and a lot of their friends were in networks starting Ysgol, which is welsh for school. So I inferred that they are welsh.

  15. Welsh is a good shout. Also we do have ‘college’ here, like 6th Form College, it’s just not the same as in America.

  16. Fair well on behalf of my people I apologise. Although the fact that they went to an Ysgol suggests that they are from the North of Wales which as anyone who watched BB’s Glyn will know is not the most educated of areas. As he cooked an egg for the very first time (at about 20)

  17. Who cares where they’re from; there are ridiculous people everywhere. And BucketOfScuzz I hate to burst your bubble, but there have been a number of Canadian retards in here also (mainly from Alberta).

  18. I would like to thank this post for getting me into passive aggressive notes which I haven’t looked at before and this is definitely a contender for it.

  19. tofu, I was going to righteously object to what you were saying about canadian retarts (please, spelling!) until you mentionned Alberta.
    Everyone knows Alberta is really just a closet american state.

  20. Canada has the highest statistics of intelligent people in the world, followed by the USA. Alberta is not a “closet American state.” by any means. All of the Albertans I have come in contact with (I have spent much time in Alberta) are proud Canadians and would never want to be considered “Americans”. Jamie and Maxeene are clearly from England. At the end of the day, who cares? They are mushy, passive aggressive and easy to make fun of!

    #jennabarbie FTW!

  21. thatfukkenfurry

    Good lord, the hearts. I’m drowning in hearts.

  22. These 2 sound like my parents. They’re either screwing, loudly, or they’re screaming abuse at each other. I miss those days of crying myself to sleep.
    Oh, and my mother is from Alberta and my father is from Wales.

  23. “Canada has the highest statistics of intelligent people in the world” – would you care to share your sources with us? which sociological journal did you find this in? or did you just make it up because you’re an insecure canadian? admittedly america makes canada look good, but let’s not go overboard. in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    as for jamie and maxeene, they are not “clearly from england”. in fact, several posters have already shown that they are clearly from wales. but how could we expect our genius canadian friends to know the difference…

  24. OH HOLD UP! I am fine with being compared to these people, being looped in with a can of retards, this being called typical british etc but I am not ok with being called English. That may actually be the worst insult ever. I am referring to “Jamie and Maxeene are clearly from England.” When we’ve already established they are Welsh. Also there is no way that America has the second highest rate of intelligence. I mean look at this website, and all the ppl chatin lyk diz n u hav n0 idea what they are on about. Seriously. Just no. It has to be like Finland or East Asia where their education system is bloody insane.

  25. wandr – Who spelled it ‘retarts’? Not me.
    jennabarbie – You’re kidding, right? What you posted is impossible to substantiate and not even remotely witty, yet you ‘FTW-ed’ yourself? Do you ‘like’ all your statuses too?

    That aside, I just googled several lists of average IQ scores by country and while there is a decent amount of discrepancy among them, on each list the top 10 are, as sugerfreek surmised, comprised exclusively of Asian and less populous and/or more homogeneous European nations. The UK, US and Canada are all usually within a point or two of each other, and all three are generally somewhere between 15 and 25.

  26. thatfukkenfurry

    Implying IQ really means anything.

  27. I have a headache now……..

  28. I don’t care where they’re from. This is just rubbish. I don’t understand any of it. Can someone give me a brief synopsis of this great love story? Clearly I’m not getting what y’all are getting.

  29. pandainspandex

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  30. @jennabarbie that is like the fifth extremely stupid thing you have said on LB

  31. I have no idea why I just read that, now it can’t be unread.

  32. I don’t get what’s ‘passive agressive’ about this…Maxeene’s asides? When you swear at your dog as a show of affection, is that ‘passive agressive’?

    Also, everyone knows, Americans are ignorant and Brits are ugly.

    And Canadians…what the fuck are those?

    Vincent, is that Irish writer guy still on these boards? He was fun. I haven’t seen wordy or Walter in the last day or two…

    …maybe they got raptured already…

  33. @throwingtofu – at least you just demonstrated that you are pulling the stats upwards, if you are from either US, UK or Canada with comment #25…

  34. To be fair we are ugly, the other day when I was in the park dogs actually started to bark at me though that could be because I had been rolling in cat urine to mask my natural scent of tea and bowler hats.

  35. tofu : I did. I spelled it “retarts”. Just to be an ass, really. Because everyone on LB *should* know it’s the proper spelling.
    Like “masterbation” and “should of”

    Now that I’ve had to Wallace my own self… Jenna? No.

  36. ‘Spelt’
    ‘Should’ve or Should have’

    And there is no such past participle as ‘Gotten’

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject, the past participle of the verb ‘to fit’ is ‘fitted’.

  37. Well said #25

    #34 FTW

  38. I like your toast naked, you like it when it’s been in the toaster for ten seconds.

    ……Damn, that’s what you call premature ejaculation.
    I’ve heard of 2 mins, but 10 seconds? One shot wonder.

  39. Putting me down only proves the ignorance all over the world. I think Canada is absolutely the best country to live in. Although I am sure my quick Google search on the literacy rates around the world was not as accurate as I would like, I think any right minded individual would agree that Canada has a pretty good school system- as do America and the U.K.

    Whether that couple is Welsh or not is really irrelevant… they are annoying.

  40. Well I think they are Australian… Seriously they could be from anywhere in the world. England isn’t the only place where there is a suburb called Liverpool…
    Another thing.. Just because you can speak ENGLISH doesn’t mean you are smart.. clearly.. So I highly doubt that America is highly ranked in the education department..

  41. If they were Australian she would have been a witchetty grub with a perm and run into a possum, not a squirrel.

  42. Allygirl you make me :(. Firstly for calling Liverpool a suburb. It’s one the of the UK’s largest cities, but we have already established (from looking at their fb page) that they are Welsh.

    Also I think wandr is purposely trolling by saying we should know how masturbate is spelt then spelling it wrong etc. Either that or they are actually really thick.

    jennabarbie also. Yes I would probably say Canada’s, America’s and the UK’s education system is ok. It’s functioning. But it is by no means good. In the PISA we came about 8th I think. Again Finland (where there is virtually no curriculum and teachers decide themselves) and East Asia where education is viewed almost as precious as family have far better systems. The highest literacy rate in the world is in fact North Korea. Literacy is not intelligence however. If you want literacy go to North Korea however if you want a life a suggest do not.

  43. before anyone does it for me I realise my lack of pluralisation. And my overuse of however and “I suggest you do not”

    Damn me for not proof reading!

  44. tl;dr

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