Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks for That

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  1. Mmm, urkey meat

  2. I wouldn’t mind being in an American. How about it Anneliese .. you hot?

  3. someone enlighten me, what’s a BM? since BD apparently meant baby daddy, does BM stand for baby mummy? though i guess that doesn’t make a lot of sense in that context.

  4. Not too big of a fan of North Americans. South Americans though…

  5. LOL Fargis, it means Bowel Movement, or crap.

  6. Netta wants to touch her grandson’s balls.

  7. I love sticking my Turkey baster inside an fellow American.
    If Shannon’s fuck up was with the “BM” part, I can’t imagine what she meant to write.

    Hey grandson, delete the dirty stuff and PM me.

  8. Shannon looks morbidly obese, her update is news to no one.

  9. Am I missing something with the first one?

  10. @rybart oooh, i see. yep, that would make more sense, haha. cheers!

  11. @ashlabashla. If you don’t see where she said she is blessed “to be IN an American”, you are missing something.

  12. @9

  13. ohh ok haha gotcha. I totally overlooked that part. thanks!

  14. i remember an Anal-Eyes post from a few weeks ago. Can’t remember the post, just the name. I don’t even think a stripper would use Anal-Eyes. It’s like Piss-Face on the sexy scale: depends on your mood.

    I thought BM was a bloody mary. That’s not nearly as funny. (Who says “bowel movement” anymore, much less an abbreviation for it?) But as long as the two craps leave more room for Joe Senior’s tube, all’s the better.

    I would fuck any woman named Netta. Don’t meet many Nettas.

  15. Anneliese says it’s good to be in an American, she was probably eaten by one of the fat bastards.

    Shannon had not one but TWO satisfying evacuations, i bet the shite just fell out of her rancid, flabby crap crack almost unnoticed.

    Netta has been disturbed by dirty stuff on the internet, has anybody thought to tell the geriatric old stick in the cunt that’s what the fucking thing was invented for?!

  16. Uber Username Man strikes again 🙂

  17. Fanfuckingtastic – Another chance to rip the piss out of stupid Americans, be warned America, if you elect Palin, the piss-taking will be ten fold and the rest of the world will never forgive you.

  18. If you’re going to appropriate my name at least make it worth it and say something of worth and merit, you can’t bathe in my reflected shit stained glory if you say something soulless and bollockless like that!

    Uber Username Man strikes again…strikes with what, his half flaccid penis and shrivelled hairless childs’ nuts?

    You have committed the crime but i feel no pain, it’s a bit like being raped by an impotent, stammerer with an intense fear of blood.

  19. Über*

  20. As in Über anally retentive?

  21. Since when did posting your toilet related activities become a feature of social networking? I had a cracking wank this morning but it’s not like I’m going to share that with the online community?

    Apart from you guys, obviously.

  22. Exactly.

  23. Wow his grandma has Facebook? lol

  24. I think BM is Big Mac.

    btw i’ve only been in one American. Plenty of Europeans though 🙂

  25. Didn’t hear that, I guess

  26. Hey! uber username man! I heard you started sucking large cocks on a regular basis…hows that workin’ out?

  27. I would marry Shannon sight unseen. That’s a woman I could get behind. Just not in the morning.

  28. i thought they fixed the name snatching thing months ago. I’m disappointed that it is still continuing.

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