Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Wins

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  1. Oh, cleverbot. Wait until the real clever robots cone along. We will destroy everything!

  2. I was indifferent to Cleverbot until I found out that you’re not talking to a computer programme, but actually chatting to one of thousands of Media Studies graduates who get paid 10p an hour. Made my day.

  3. these are not funny in the least.

  4. I ♥ Chad.

  5. ^ because of the top-notch crack he sells you?

  6. #2 – So then all those spammers that tell us how we can make $7,467 a month are just trying to get us to write for Cleverbot?

  7. Bacchante: because I wanted to use a pretty symbol that I stole off MsAnne. The crack is actually not that great.

  8. I hope someone beats chris to death and then throws him in a ditch.
    he wont have to worry about his fucking diarrhea then, will he? and i wont have to fucking hear about it.

  9. Hmm. looks like at least 6 people enjoy reading about chris’s runny stools. who knew?

  10. ^I think you might just have a hard core following of anonymous haters.

  11. no!

  12. oh gOd! why?

  13. I ♥ lamebook.
    No I don’t, just wanted to use a symbol like frankie.

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