Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Few PhoDOHs!

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  1. Okay, the last one made me lol. Vick’s an asshat.

  2. OK I must be culturally unaware or otherwise just missing something because I don’t get the one about the dog playing dead…is it an American joke or something?

  3. @ Potato Yes, it’s an American joke. (I’m Wallace)

    Is it me, or does Chloe not seem to be so much “playing” dead, as she is actually dead?

    All these are in horribly lame taste. Well done, LB. 😀

  4. #1 Oh god, even though she calls herself mumsy she is totally right. That tattoo is horrible. But each to their own I suppose.

    #2 I hate these people who go and pose for photos beside their dead relatives. It’s sick and disrespectful. She should frame it, put a nail through her thick forehead and stick it there.

    #3 is just awful. I wouldn’t have been so hard on Awesometastic Angela except this made me really mad.

  5. The last one is just.. Awful. Isn’t that owner at least a bit concerned is the dog is dead? Or is he just frighteningly unobservant?

  6. I think the third one is funny. Making fun of an ass. The dog, @curly and episode, is just playing dead. Michael Vick is a Football player who was jailed for dog fighting.

  7. Wow…what a tattoo in the first pic. just, wow.

  8. I want a lid on my bed like the guy in #2. I assume it’s a bed because it kinda looks like he’s wearing pajamas.

  9. rybart, I didn’t think the dog was dead. It is however a bit of a shit fucking joke.

  10. i actually think number 3 is quite funny. i reckon the owner is mocking vick with this picture (which he diserves). well, it made me chuckle.

  11. Angie the Awesometastic needs to be kicked in the head.

    And Susan – He quit calling you because you call yourself Mumsy, not because of his horrible body art.

  12. God I get turned on by women in their 30s who still have acne and use words like ‘awesometastic’. Does anyone know if she is single, and if she is into crying during intercourse in taco bell bathroom stalls? if so please give her my home address.

    Emma missed out on a catch up there, he’s bold, daring and enjoys word combinations like cannibal holocaust (I assume this means he also uses nonsense combinations like ‘zombie revolution’) and he has a parent who signs her facebook messages as ‘mumsy’. That door will close fast, a guy like that doesn’t stay single long.

  13. Mumsy… WHY. I cringed just reading that.
    Angie is disgusting.
    The last one’s funny.

  14. @Jonjones:
    Cannibal Holocaust is a film.
    The scene featured on that tattoo is pretty iconic for gore nerds.

  15. #1-That is seriously disgusting. Any one who would tattoo that on their body is sick.
    #2-I agree. Posing next to dead people is weird. She is almost smiling.
    #3-haha I didnt get that until I looked at that link. Thats funny.

  16. I hope they do a cool photoshoot at MY funeral. It’s gonna be a blast.

  17. I would absolutely love a man with a cannibal holocaust tattoo.

  18. I seriously created an account just to comment on this. I’ve watched Cannibal Holocaust more than once. I don’t think I’d want a tattoo of it though…

  19. Mmmm, mumsy honestly cannot understand why her son is a sick woman hating freak? I think having a mother who insists on being called mumsy just might have something to do with it….

  20. The first one is a nice tattoo, if you’re into those kinds of movies. Maybe on his back he can get “I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave.”

    It looks more like Awesome Angela is sniffing the dead man. Why the hell is he being buried in his golf shirt? Guess he wanted one. Maybe Angela thinks this picture will help her score with the cute goth boy down the hall.

    I wish the dog was shitting on the shirt instead of just laying there. No, I wish the dog was shitting on Vick himself. No, I wish the dog ripped off and ate Vick’s genitalia and then shit the remains into Vick’s mouth. Fuck Michael Vick.

  21. Does anyone else think it’s weird when people end their posts with their names?


  22. Meh. I just checked out some clips of Cannibal Holocaust. It doesn’t look like anything worth watching. People eating people etc. Big whoop. The pathetic acting is way more offensive.

    The joke in the last one is lost on me, and I can’t be bothered to research it. Anyway, “dead” doggy, Chloe, is so freaking cute!

  23. The most disturbing thing about the tattoo is the feet, massive clodhopping size 15 flotillas’ like that do not belong on a woman.

    Of course if I were a Cannibal i would probably look for women with large feet as that would mean more meat…carry on as you were… I now understand the sophisticated symbolism inherent in what initially looked look a foot drawn by 5 year old kid with special needs.

  24. In reference to the 1st one, is it a Cannibal Holocaust (as in, a Holocaust perpetrated by Cannibals, which would be very, very bad) or is it a Cannibal Holocaust (as in a Holocaust of Cannibals, which I have to say sounds OK to me)? Pretty important difference I feel.

    Also, as well as the clown feet, her legs appear to be twice the length of her upper body, which suggests that as well as being good eating, this oversized lady would have been a pretty fast runner.

  25. pedante- cannibal holocaust was a gory movie from the 1960’s that has been investigated as a snuff film.

  26. Thanks fuaijie. OK, so it’s the 1st type then. Looks like a smashing movie by the way.

  27. Who the fuck gets buried in a long sleeve polo? Was it Casual Friday or something?

  28. Fletch- you made me seriously lol

    And that tattoo could have been done so much better 🙁 the tattoo artist that did that blows. Boo.

  29. Love Chloe, but whoever bought that jersey is giving money to a convicted dog tormentor. Shame on them….

  30. fuaijie, Cannibal Holocaust is from the early 80’s, not the 60’s. Sorry. Mondo Cane is from the 60’s, and is the original movie in the “Shockumentary” genre. Now that one is worth a look.

    You love fletch, don’t you, Lulz? Internet crushes are so cute. Haha.

  31. Yes, wordy. My one comment to him and I’m in love! He’s going to move up and move in with me and then we’re going to get married. <3

  32. Lulz, I think I might know someone you might <4 even more than fletch.

    Call me…

  33. @28
    Yes it was actually.

  34. These were all pretty good. The dog one made me laugh.
    I don’t think it’s creepy or disrespectful to pose with a dead relative. It’s that last memory you will have of that person, so why not make a photo? Her douchebag grin is what’s offensive to me.
    As for the first one…I’m glad to know that it’s in reference to a film. He’s still a moron though. Jesus Christ, I could never look twice at a man with a tat like that.

  35. Cannibal Holocaust can get fucked. They actually killed animals for that bullshit. Ridiculous.

  36. Really?

  37. Cannibal Holocaust is a fucking fetid cunt of a movie, and I absolutely adore the thought that this twunt is stuck with that tattoo for the rest of his life.

  38. They make a Michael Vick chew toy too.

  39. 1. Dude deserves to be stabbed repeatedly then eaten by the next serial killer cannibal.
    2. Some of you people are so stupid. Obviously “mumsy” is not from America. She’s like British, but I could be wrong.
    3. Loved the Vick one! That was pretty funny.

  40. To the people going crazy over Cannibal Holocaust: you DO know that this was a movie, right? And the tattoo is a scene from the movie?

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