Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Lamebook Thanksgiving!

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  1. awww, i feel bad for vince :/

  2. Oh poor Vince :((

    But i want that thensgiven lunch. When was it given? And to whom?

  3. or the thaksgiving baby ^^

  4. 1. I always knew Soup was a cheap slut. He’s so easily bought.
    2.*hugs Vince*
    3. I’d like to stuff that baby with my baster and eat it.

  5. oh amazing. thengiven rocks! haha, saw this is so awesome, wish i had these guts, the thanksgiving post on srsly

  6. so wrong, an even better thanksgiving post

  7. what is wrong with the baby pic ?

  8. nevermind, i saw it…

  9. That’s a pretty cute baby.

    That’s all.

    Happy Thaksgiving, America.

  10. @word agreed 🙂

  11. What is wrong with the baby picture? Besides that the house looks like a wreck, (but I don’t think that’s the joke.)

  12. It’s the spelling of thanksgiving jayne.

  13. Looks like it might have been Thaksgiving in the mirror behind the baby, too…

  14. Oh nOoo000oo! there’s no ‘n’ in thanksgiving on that baby’s shirt! let’s all laugh at how stupid that baby and all relatives, present, past and future must be!

  15. OK.

  16. I don’t blame the baby for spelling Thanksgiving wrong, but I feel sorry for anyone going to that school.

  17. That is a damned cute child.

  18. Turky
    mashed p.

    Ugh. I like how the “E” seems to have been added to mashed, as if that was the important mistake to fix. Anyone else think it’s odd that someone can have such nice marker-writing abilities but not know how to spell Thanksgiving? If you know the holiday is to “give thanks,” then how could you not know it has “thanks” in the name? I smell a foreigner, and not just in the soup.

    The way the eyes of the baby are blurred make it look very demonic. I would not eat that baby.

  19. Vince in my household death is no excuse for non-attendance.

    If my fucking lazy tramp of a grandfather tried to cry off, just because he was dead (which he is) then I would dig up his desecrated dusty corpse, and drag the idle cunt back to mine and pose him a happy position at the table. (which i did)

  20. I like the hand-turkey.

  21. That baby is cute! And that would be a cool Baby suit had the Mother not fucked it up!

  22. Oh haha. I guess I was trying to focused on the crap all over the floors. I’m a bit of a neat-freak. Oops.

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “Idle cunt” FTW.

  24. uhhh…. anyone notice the fly strip hanging from the ceiling?? poor baby lives in a filthy ass house ANNNND her parents are idiots! 🙁

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