Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the Zone

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  1. shiveredthetimbers

    what a shitty thing to share on facebook.

  2. Excessive extreme anal sex will do that to you Jessy.

  3. So will a full pound of boiled broccoli.


  5. Oops….shit.


  6. I must be working out wrong. I have never pooped my pants.

  7. How the fuck do you not realize you shit your pants?!

  8. For fuck’s sake, Steever / powderedtoastman, whoever the fuck you are today… give it up already!

  9. slicingupeyeballs

    miss misery – This is possible only when you are a self-obsessed wanker too concerned with your ‘workout’ (ie staring at yourself in the mirror as you flex)to bother with minor social norms like noticing you are sitting in a smeared dollop of your own faeces…

  10. Dollop.. lol.

  11. Mop and bucket to aisle three. Mop and bucket please!

  12. I was drunk and went with some friends to Walmart 4:00am in the morning.
    I sprinted to the front door ahead of my friends, and when I got there I found out that I had shit myself on the way.
    I immediately went to the bathroom, and took off the underwear. No trashcan in sight, thought better than shoving it down the toilet, and hid it under the back of the toilet instead.

    After, we ran around the store pushing each other on office chairs through the aisles, every so often making a high speed rolling dash to other aisles like Office Max Metal Gear Solid.

    Yes, that had nothing to do with OP. Sorry.

  13. ^Um, yes it did.
    You both stupidly shit yourselves

  14. Clearly the lack of brain cells that would help someone realise they shit their fucking pants is the same group of cells that overwhelms them with guilt and SHAME over the incident and prevents them from fucking posting it on fucking facebook!!! WTF?!!!

  15. Oh god, I’ve actually worked out near these people and had to leave the room. Most likely a ton of ephedra or meth….

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