Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little Late for a Date

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  1. I thought it was her phone number, too. Should have atleast added a R. I. P. in there to avoid confusion.

  2. weak

  3. Meh… moving on…

  4. Maybe I just don’t find this funny because it looks nothing like our phone numbers here…

  5. Same here KAOSS^^

  6. Hmmm, I read it as dates before I saw it as a phone number.

  7. i’d still hit that..

  8. Dead or alive, referring to someone’s grandmother as bitch is funny? If you’ll excuse me, I need to shoo some young’uns out of my yard.

  9. ha… it would be better if that was the date she died and also the mobile number for the grandmother….

  10. also, i hate when people get all pissy about grand-parental bereavement

    -the whole point of grandparents is that they die.

  11. alord, i read this and though “hmm, soup will have a field day with this one”, looks like you beat him to the punch!

  12. adam is not an asshole. she put a fucking space between the 1 and the 9. what a twat.

  13. 13th?

  14. hmmm i wonder how she died?…hey she might of died of a werewolf bite and come back as one!!! so if Adam is into beasties, then he has got himself a date.

  15. Live old ladies tend to be rather dry. The squish of a dead one is much more satisfying.

  16. Why would anyone think someone wrote out their grandmother’s full name and then her phone number on their Facebook?

    Adam was not only an asshole, he was a stupid asshole.

  17. That’s…Disturbing..Lol 😛

  18. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Ah, that’s the Soup cringe, I’ve missed!

  19. ^ was pointed at soup

  20. You definitely would want to soak her in some warm water first . . . The dead ones tend to be cold in the middle.

  21. ahh i can tell soup is a ”nail one baby to nine trees” kinda grim looking person 🙂

  22. @eusadnama

    Why waste so much water, when a sharp knife and a microwave (with a turntable) works just as easily?

  23. I actually called the number and got Anna’s grandma. It was a little awkward, because I wasn’t prepared with anything to say.

  24. alord, so you go for GILFs then? I respect that.

  25. Dawn of the Dan

    They aren’t necessarily COLD, eusadnama. They are room temperature. So if you take her out on a picnic date first and she gets some sun, she could reach 98.6 degrees in no time.

  26. I agree with heisenberg. Must be a generational thing.

  27. You guys make my day.

  28. Well, if you like your dead poon at room temperature, then by all means . . . But the picnic idea is very nice. Much better than the knife and the microwave, that’s just sick.

  29. First Demarcus, and now Grandma Harriet. Has this become Deathbook? Speaking of which, I’ve just found that Argos have changed their jewellery range. RIP Elizabeth Duke. 🙁

  30. Oh man, Elizabeth Duke, that takes me back.

    Long live Argos, the laminated book of dreams.

  31. Sa8mantha, you just made my day with that quote. So many beautiful things…I cannot possess them all…

  32. I signed up for this just to leave a comment re Elizabeth Duke. I live in Brighton & there are loads of antique jewellery shops in the Lanes. One day I was walking through there & overheard someone say ‘yeah this stuff’s ok but I prefer what they have in Argos’…sigh

  33. @hels74:

    That was probably me. They don’t half do a lovely line of ‘MUM’ rings.

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