Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Model Mom

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  1. first?

  2. A model mom indeed…..

  3. quit it Xepher, i won’t hear a bad word uddered about her

  4. Hopefully she’ll be in jail most of the kid’s life, unable to raise him. Why cant we sterilize people that have no business having kids again?

  5. Michelle’s gotta be more street savvy. I only threaten police when my nappy is full. I have never even been put in the back of a police car when my nappy is full, only handcuffed.

  6. What will poor little Michelle Jr. do without weapons around in the trailer for his or her first five years? Hopefully the writers of kids TV can incorporate more instances of graphic violence into their programs to compensate…

  7. Whoops, my name was supposed to be blue there – I must have done something udderly wrong.

  8. Steven?

  9. Maby she did those things because she had 2 tampons inserted ^^..


  10. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Dang Lib’rl skum try’na teek me guns!
    Wen I’s a young’n, Maw done handed mah good self a rifle. When I done shot ma bru’tha BillyJoeCannedcorn in the foot… Well she did take me right behin’ tho trailer-home an’ giv me quite tho thrashin’… By the time I done third grade first time… I was shootin’ squirrels an’ fink an’ moose an’ rats…

    Aw, Stever, you gotst to be maw inbreeded than this-here offensive stereotype.

    This post had no point, nor merit.

  11. by second thought..U don’t have a period when your pregnant..I need to eat.

  12. I’m pro natural selection. This is why.

  13. Chinchillazilla

    Why would she threaten poor innocent dairy cows?

  14. hmmmmmm sand…. i like sand! tis tasty. Hey wait a min this ain’t food, this is pasta!!! i hate italy… but i love pizzas. but i hate cows also!! they mooing all the time, it would be nice if the rhymed a tune or something, but no they don’t, they just moo!!!!

  15. Ahhhh!

  16. Good lord… I really hope this is a joke .

  17. Well if this is the kind of day it is going to be on lamebook I will just leave now ((long sigh))

  18. OMG my mom’s status made it to lamebook.

  19. Dammit Chinchillazilla, you beat me to it. I hope she at least got some free milk out of the deal.

  20. I hate people.

  21. Michelle, my belle. These are words that go together well.

  22. They had to blur out her last name, but I can tell it’s PepsiTacobell.

  23. Damn it eepah now I must make a run for the border at lunch.

  24. Hey, I really had a customer named Pepsi once, she wasn’t even a stripper. That was her real name.

  25. Wasn’t even a stripper HAHAHA

  26. AND she was in her late 40s, AND a business owner. Tripped me out.

  27. udderly ridiculous…wonder what she uddered at the cop?

  28. She’s pregnant so she obviously threatened to lactate all over someone. Udder threats.

  29. LOL! Suesse wins comment of the day award

  30. But what does she mean by 2 uddering threats?

  31. @SoulDancer: Cow tipping.

  32. It’s kinda funny cuz I know her, and this status/comments are very misleading.. Doesn’t really tell the true story at all. She’s a great mom, and has her own apartment with her fiancé. She was better when she found out she was pregnant..
    Just thought I’d stick up for het, 🙂

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