Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gouda God!

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    This post didn’t deserve a STEVER!

  3. This post made me lol

    mmmm cheesy goodness <3 cheese

  4. Dan Fargis is going to melt down (there is a fondue joke here I just can’t come up with it)

  5. I was just thinking “hmmm, this isn’t very funny, it’s lame”, then remembered this was Lamebook, not Funnybook and realised it was an appropriate post.

  6. Back in the raep dungeon with you IceyAngel. No one else here thinks this is funny.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m getting tired of people saying “this is Lamebook, it’s not supposed to be funny” that is bullshit. If it is posted as a “win” then they obviously think it IS funny (which this post isn’t).

    I have to apologize for being cranky today, theoretical physics will do that to you.

  8. I agree Dukey. and damn, physics=brain mush.
    Anyhow, I cannot WAIT for Dan Fargis to post on this one!

  9. This was approximately as funny as a burning orphanage.

  10. I wasn’t having a go Dukey, I was just musing that sometimes we have to take the funny with the lame…must have been a slow day in the Lamebook office. I like to think they get desperate and post crap rather than giving us nothing at all.

  11. People are quite entitled to be amused by various posts on lamebook….whatever floats someone’s boat.

    Also since when did Lamebook get a rape dungeon? =/ or raep as you so eloquently put it….

    and it was Scott’s second post that made me lol, not the whole thing, just to clarify. Gouda 4:17 lmao

    I may just be overtired from lack of sleep…or the blonde is showing a bit more tonight…not quite sure which…that’s up for interpretation.

  12. Has ‘Fag’ris APOLOGIES i mean, ‘fargris’ really not commented yet?? When he does he’ll be so cheesed off…..

  13. could i offer you a free buttscratching?

  14. My smegma is the true body of Christ. Come get your communion.

  15. @soup, smegma……always makes me think of fridges….and therefore cheese….. oh dear, it’s a never ending circle…

  16. It truly is the food of God. Think about it: When you go to a nice party, do they serve wine and bread, or wine and cheese? The bible got it wrong, but the truth has seeped into our lives through cultural osmosis.

    My cock cheese can feed the multitudes.

  17. Re: GOD HATES FIGS: Maybe God just hates ALL fruits?

  18. I didn’t think about party nibbles come to think of it….Soup, you are the saviour. Culrural osmosis is the worst…i can deal with salty water through slivers of potato…but not through humanity…oh no.

  19. Cheese + puns = WIN. Grammar, punctuation … I like these guys.


  21. Worst. Submission. Ever.

  22. Guess I should be logged in as ComicBookGuy when I say such things.

  23. Scott’s second one was funny and Robby is a retartrater and anybody who disagrees can Gouda hell.

  24. Umm, Soup…Cock Cheese?!

    I’m not a very spiritual person, but this post made me want to break apart a brick of smoked cheddar and go to town in a confessional. With or without a priest, but defiantly with some wine.

  25. Cheese-us Christ! Is nothing sacred?


  27. I’m with U ee.
    Still shocking fargus is nowhere to be seen.

  28. God gave his son everlasting warm and gooey cheese dip? Mary was a slut in heat with VD?

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