Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tiny TypOHs!

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  1. BEN

  2. Is the last one’s name iCarly?

  3. Ugh.

  4. If you fucked up your status, Jeanette, why not just delete it and start over?

    Oh right, I get it, so it’ll hopefully get onto Lamebook.

    And unfortunately, it did.

  5. I hate those.

  6. Shore house? Something tells me that that wasn’t really a typo. GTL-FTW

  7. Chinchillazilla

    So is the last one doubtful about when they will use English in their life? How odd.

  8. Kyles’s smokin’ some shit! dude.

  9. lol@laugh.out.loud

    okay…I couldn’t pass that up.

  10. I don’t get the last one, does he/she think calculus and algebra are related to English and not math?

    It’s obvious he/she isn’t making use of the English language.

  11. @Leebo, it’s that new teen craze where kids post their favorite school subject. English rules, algebra drools, etc.

  12. whitehallstories

    I’m not sure if it was a typo for Sindy

    pass that up? the shit? ok but its pungent@defenestratexp

  13. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Lamebook…GTFO. These suck.

  14. @defenestratexp great user name, doubtful any of the lucky lamebookers featured above would have any clue what it means!

  15. The integral of stupid is ICa + C

  16. Wordpervert – possibly. There’s also a lot of people that are just not bright enough to figure out how to delete a status.

  17. Sindy didn’t make a typo.
    “Pasted” can be slang for “defeated”, “conquered”, etc.

    I can’t believe I made an account just to say that.

  18. I always forget to add the constant!!!!

  19. Hate to break it to ya guys but jeanette’s status is real, I submitted it and shes a good friend of mine

  20. GTL all day baby! defenestratexp, hahaha!

  21. I guess ICa goes to the ICp school of learning.

  22. Smoked bowels is just when you use the bowel instead of the intestine to make your sausage. You have such a problem with little bits of extra fibre? You youngins are so damn picky grow up you brats you make me angry.

  23. I have a sore house that allows dongs. I rent it by the hour and hardly change the bed sheets. Is that good enough for you Jeanette?

  24. @ 22: Haha, get it? Brats? Sausage? Anyone?

  25. that “brat” pun was unintentional……..

  26. Walter, your comments are just the wurst.

  27. Wiener…

  28. I heard the landlord is a racist, won’t allow any Wangs

  29. @28 FTW hahaha

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