Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cereal Moments

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  1. Though I haven’t*

  2. They must’ve had a fatal run-in with MANBEARPIG! I’m totally cereal here, guys!

  3. Its fake guys! I google for demarcus killed in a text related crash, nothing. But now i can laugh at this without feeling guilty.

  4. @nuff: Yeah, I meant “manslaughter”, but I was trying to do it with the same approximate spelling pattern as the original. I can usually spell better than “manslotter” when I’m typing as myself, even on a bad day 😉

  5. Chinchillazilla

    This is amazing.

  6. @ 32, 52


  7. I don’t think this person was the driver. If she was responsible for her friend’s death, I doubt she would admit to all her friends that she was texting while driving. I’ll bet she was the passenger.

  8. @IndefiniteEnd
    I KNOW!

  9. @anne

  10. I just can’t get over Demarcus – WHAT a name!! Not Mark. Not Marcus. But DEmarcus. That beauty is definitely being entered into my Official Baby Name Contenders List.

  11. @ TwoWorlds Yes. Half man, half bear, and half pig.

  12. Stop making jokes! This is super cereal, you guys!

  13. The saddest thing about this post is that the poor girl only has one ant, and she doesn’t even have custody of it. It’s probably still in its little farm, all alone, waiting for its owner to bring it some company.

    Unless it’s a giant mutant ant, and she doesn’t have room at home for it.

  14. I’m not usually one to jump on the “fake” train, but this one seems pretty fake.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  15. @40 wordpervert
    😀 I liked the hotsipal one, too.

  16. Maybe the texter was the one in the passenger seat texting and Damarcus was driving.

    …Nah. That possibility wouldn’t make this post half as funny.

    Seems faked to me.

  17. A quick google search provides a story that sounds oddly similar to this. There was a car accident in West Palm beach, driver is injured and a passenger named Demarcus is killed. But it’s dated from 2007. So it’s either a coincidence or someone re-created it.


  18. …or it’s a different Demarcus.

  19. I don’t think the Demarcus in the article above is our Demarcus. This was in the comments:


    This person’s car accident was “las weekend”, and it sounds like William got seriously fucked up…wouldn’t be making FB statuses a week after the wreck.

  20. or this is an old post that someone dug up recently when the discovered lamebook and knew it would be right at home?

    or lamebook is that slow?

  21. the = he…. i am dreading the day my TypOHs land me on the other side of this site!

  22. @jukaswo Right. A different Demarcus would be that coincidence I mentioned.

  23. errrm, didnt one of the saints see a bright light on the way to demarkus(or was it demascus 😉 )

  24. Damascus.

  25. This is obviously fake…it was clearly written by some white kid trying to get a submission on here.

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