Tuesday, July 20, 2010

None of Our Concern

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  1. I have never forgotten about a tampon before, not once, and I can’t imagine how some women can just “forget” that they have one already inside of themselves. No matter how tired or how much pain I was in, I wouldn’t blindly shove a tampon in without checking, but I don’t need to do that because I’m already aware that I have one in.

    I mean, damn… I just can’t get my mind around how some girls can forget about it.


  2. wouldn’t you have to be extremely insensitive not to feel that there is one already in there? also, can somebody explain why it would be painful to put a 2nd one in? They are not very big. Baby heads are bigger for example, albeit they push from the other direction… at least normally… unless you are really weird!!!

  3. It is not like you can feel them once they are in anyway… so it is not hard to imaging having a blonde moment and putting another in, say, while drinking or at 3 am or something. Not that I have had that experience…. but I have been known to have the occasional bone-head moment myself.

  4. haha! this last status is from a friend phoebe brown. hilarious to see someone i know on here!

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