Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Winners

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  1. huh? did someone say something?

  2. Move along. Nothing to see here.

  3. I actually quite liked the last one…

  4. these made me laugh so hard that i passed several kidney stones through my already ravaged urethra. please, lamebook, no more!

  5. How about those Cowboys?

  6. Its the fucking Beatles

    The last one was pretty funny! 😀

  7. These were all pretty bad except the Cowboys one. Even that one’s kind of old, but it holds up well.

  8. #2: given the antiquity of the joke, I guess the amusing thing is her name?

  9. Beck: I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?

    Enya: Who can say why your heart sighs as your love flies? Only time.

    Beck: In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.

    Enya: Ever close your eyes and listen to the monkey’s cries.

    Beck: When you wanna be with me then you will see who’s fuckin with my head.

  10. One and three were new jokes to me, which is why I probably can find humour in them. Actually, I can find some humour in all of them; granted it’s not one that produces stitches, but still a good laugh. Some people think nothing is funny on this site anymore and I wonder if they’re all related to MsBuzzKillington.

  11. Some people just surf the web too much..

  12. I don’t think that was the Cowboys; I think that was the Buffalo Bills.
    Oh wait – my wife told me recently that the Cowboys’ coach came from the Bills, so maybe he’s ruined them too?
    ‘I’m a loser baby…’ was Beck? Fascinating.

  13. Walter FTW!

  14. *Applauds* Well done Lamebook. Some really good ones today IMO! 😀 I dunno what everyone else was whining about. *shrug* 1 & 3 FTW!!!

    LMFAO @ mad2!!! Great point, I was not aware of that fact. 😀

  15. Pretty funny except the third one only because i ‘ve heard it numerous times before and I didn’t like it as it was a joke against my team.

  16. I hoped Marc would follow up with “No, Alex, they died this afternoon,” to make everyone feel shitty.

  17. I liked the last one too. A cute little status until Alex came along and made it a win. Made me laugh anyway 🙂

  18. Dear lamebook

    Fuck you.

    Love, as always

  19. Yeah, fuck you, Lamebook. You suck!

  20. Given half a chance I would rip out Enya’s unfertilised eggs and serve them to her for a romantic continental breakfast, along with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

    The rest off the cunts would have to suffice with a red hot poker tickling their bowels i’m afraid.

  21. You guys are so grumpy. You are allowed a wee smile now and then. Go on …. it’s Friday 🙂

  22. Dearest curlybap

    No, shan’t.

    Love, as always

  23. Aw go on, you will. Go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on GO ON!

  24. @Imamofo, she definitely won’t want anyone anyone asking, “You want me up enya?” ha..*cough* .

  25. @Keona – Just because she no longer has her Kinder Surprises’ dosen’t mean nobody would want to take a paddle in her love pool.

    In fact i’d rather sandblast up a bird knowing full well my little soldiers will find no safe haven then run the risk of having to kill a pregnant girlfriend again.

  26. Boring

  27. @Imamofo, mmmm Kinder Surprises!!

    i miss those things 🙁
    they were so good!

    i haven’t seen them in the U.S., only in Russia! damn shame!

  28. I found them in the U.S.! Try any foreign food store. I found them at a little Italian market, along with a ton of other Kinder products.

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