Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thinking Outside the Line

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  1. Western civilization: game over man, game over.

  2. Wow. First of all I honestly couldn’t understand what she was trying to say until I read the first comment on her post. Tricia’s a mad cunt. Her husband to be must be so proud.

  3. what theeeee…?

  4. I hope Gary’s her fiance and they end up splitting up over this.

  5. Propost? Wive?!

    How come no one corrected her? I was waiting for it.

    I was a bit ridiculous that Diane hiijacked her status. She could have private messaged her about that, or put a different message on her wall. Oh, you’re getting married? Cool.. btw, my mom died yesterday.

    Tricia’s future husband better get out NOW. She is going to be one heck of a Bridezilla.

  6. I’m kinda with Tricia, Diane shouldn’t hijack people’s happy moments.
    Translation? “Desperate! Desperate! I am really desperate!”

  7. yeah seriously, FUCK diane and her dead mom! even idiots are allowed their engagement happiness without being shat on by some ho looking for attention.

  8. slicingupeyeballs

    Run EM, run…

  9. Diane is a cunt and Gary is a fuckwit for taking her side.

    But it would have been better if Tricia just deleted the comment and blocked the cunt. Tricia obviously isn’t too bright.

  10. Diane’s mom died from the stress of having to council Tricia at Camp. That bitch is hard.

  11. I must give Tricia credit where it is due..In all of her typos, she did spell fuck you and bitch correct. bravo!

  12. @screwball
    also excited. that one is kinda tricky.

  13. Btw, is wordprevert the new anonisgayisgay?

  14. Oh wait, I just realized Diane’s mom was Tricia’s camp counsler. With that in mind I think it’s totally unreasonable for Tricia to try to not let Diane’s mother’s death overshadow her engagement announcement. In fact, she should probably cancel the wedding, break up with EM, and become a nun.

  15. @nuff

    Or is wordprevert the old anonisgayisgay. I think isgay underwent Screenname Reassignment Surgery. It might be more PC to refer to it as becoming trans-handled.

  16. Whats that? you say you’re getting married? Say, did I mention that my father died..wait, let me mention that a little louder DID I MENTION THAT MY FATHER JUST DIED? stealing your moment? Jeez, he was your second cousin’s dog’s old owner’s best friend…just thought you would’ve wanted to know.

  17. If you notice, Tricia said that she had known about the death of Diane’s mother. I could make a safe bet that Diane talked to Tricia about it the day before and got some rude, ghetto-cunt attitude from her. This seemed more like spite than a poorly timed post jacking.

  18. Tricia sounds like a real catch

  19. Its the fucking Beatles

    While Tricia was bang out of order, Diane was also out of order. She could have sent her a personal message or called her. But no, she chose to hijack her happy moment to drop a bombshell like that. Tricia, however seems to not have a single compassionate bone in her body and must have ice running through her poisonous veins.

  20. Diane was waaaaaaaaaaay out of order. Tricia’s an illiterate idiot, but Diane’s a cuntsicle.

  21. MsBuzzkillington, No one corrected her because if you can see, they’re all idiots incapable of capitalisation, commas, the proper use of you. Fuck it, just proper Grammar in general. They probably assume those were the right spellings and didn’t say a word.

    @Its the fucking Beatles. I agree with your whole post, except that while it might seem like Diane was trying to steal a moment, she was probably just upset and not thinking clearly. That doesn’t excuse she should have sent a message, and just leave a happy positive comment related to the wedding. Tricia has MEG running through her body, along with Frodo, Stever, and Ben…but not the pool, the pool, isn’t evil at all.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Team Tricia motherfuckers. What kinda buzzkill bursts into a conversation with “my mom just died”?

  23. Diane is Kanye. I mean that’s just wrong, the audacity of stealing someone’s thunder on facebook! Tricia and EM put a lot of thought and effort into announcing their engament, the least that Diane’s mom should have done is chosen another time to die.

  24. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Exactly Saffer.

  25. they are both definitely retarded twats, but if I had to choose a side; I’d go with Tricia, because fuck that Debbie Downer stunt.

    also: nuff, your first comment was the only thing to actually make me laugh.
    and Dukey….fuck do i love you! 😉

    sincerely, with love, ~dirtylittlepretty~

  26. Either this is a joke or I must weep for my fellow Americans yet again.

  27. Diane is retarded for posting that there rather than just messaging her or something but… damn Tricia is a fucking BITCH of a Bridezilla already… DAYUM!! :/

  28. bollywood_rocks83

    If this is on here, is it copyright of Lamebook? I am so submitting to STFU couples. The comments would do it better justice.

  29. Why don’t you find your own material, material-thief?

  30. Do I care that spasticoid Tricia has somehow roped some poor cunt into marrying her? NO.

    Do I care that flaphead Diane’s mum shuffled off this mortal coil? NO.

    Do I want to squirt my load in Tricia’s eye and Diane’s ear? You do the Maths. Thick girls make life so easy.

  31. What a stupid bitch 😐

  32. @Imamofo. you are my most favourite person ever.

  33. @lmamofo. If I had to choose between Tricia’s eye and Diane’s ear, I’d rather take a rigor mortis reacharound from the mum.

  34. @onehandedjack – I hear ya brother I wouldn’t mind the dead mum giving me a ‘stiffy shuffle’ either, but think big!

    We could use mummys’ skeletal grasp to bash one out into the slutfucks’ eyes and ears…three birds, one stone.

  35. It scares me how much I enjoy mofo’s comments…

  36. Diane is Kayne!!!! now that’s funny.

  37. “u is”

  38. There are some things on LameBook that cause you to wonder if getting on this website is the persons goal. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Poor EM. I feel sorry for him.

    Propost is the part that really gets to me on this. Propost… as opposed to Pro-ante? Or maybe Pro-escent. Whichever way, someones brain is a little bit Pro-Cule.

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