Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Merry Mary

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  1. @Ruby – what did you do that turned your boyfriend off of women? Do you have long protruding labia? You should not be taking pride in turning someone into a sinner

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Oh trust me Dan fargis, you don’t, you don’t have a pool.

  3. krasivaya_devushka

    You’re all just….wooow!

  4. wats this abowt a pool? i dunt get it? i dunt hav a pool iver

  5. “wateva dan injoy bein rapped by lisifas ponty hot poka stik”

    Whatever Dan. Enjoy being raped by Lucifers pointy, hot, poker stick.

    I like that one yoink!

  6. @Dukey Smoothy Buns – No, actually I do. It is an in-ground Grecian pool with a heater. Great for a dip in this heat and humidity.

  7. I feel the most pressing issue on this post is no-one knowing about Henry.

    So guys, meet Henry, Henry, meet the guys:

  8. OMG..*mental picture* the devil can punsh u for bein homifobic by shovin his tridant repetitedly up ur ass…priceless.
    Yoink you need your own talkshow..can I friend you on FB??

  9. ..And I kinda like long protruding labia..does that make me a potential homosexual also??

  10. Nobody in England has a pool.
    We have trampolines with collected rainwater and a few leaves.

  11. I love that when you ask a Bibler to point out a specific passage that claims homosexuality is an eternal sin, they simply say “God is very clear in his message on this subject.”

    God talked to Noah inside a burning bush. That in and of itself is a hint that God likes the men that stay away from bushes.

    BTW, is a God in hand worth two Gods in the burning bush?

    oh, one more BTW, just because I know the Bible really well doesn’t mean I’m a Bible thumper.

    MarcJacob 12:14 – Men who lay with men will double their wardrobe. Unless one’s a bear. Peace be with you. (And also with you.)

  12. @ Dan-Fargis
    regarding your comment : @MasterProp – your interpretation of the Bible is irrelevant. Anyone can have an interpretation of the Bible (see: Koresh, David). That doesn’t make it the true word and/or will of God.

    I would like to point out that to the rest of the world your interpretation of the bible is completely irrelevant. No one here is interested in your homo phobia and hate mongering you little prick.
    Get of this website asshole.

  13. Dan, I was writing that comment from your POV, so it’s not MY interpretation I’m referencing here, it’s yours.

    And slippyslappy is right, there are many other religous texts that are very similar to the Bible, with a different interpretation of it’s teachings. You probably also thing that Muslims worship the devil and the Israel is perfectly justified in bombing the Palestinians who live there, too, huh? You’ve already mentioned your feelings on Catholics, who even use the *same* text as you.

    You are a wanker, dude.

  14. Oh how I missed you all during the week and a half my computer was dead for. Good to be back:)

    Now, Dan-Fargis I would really appreciate it if you could find me the exact words that God uses to tell his followers that homosexuals are sinners. I am very curious and you seem so sure of it that you must have seen the words with your own two eyes and aren’t just listening to every other moron that says it. Thank you.

  15. bollywood_rocks83

    I think dan fargis may be trolling. If not, dude you’re also going to hell for judging. I think your god was also clear on judging. How did he put it? “Thou shall not judge”? Take the speck out of your eye before you point out the log in another’s eye. Yes, I know your bible even if I don’t believe in your god.

    Chupitoo, thanks. I like Ruby also “turned” a guy. He decided halfway through our relationship that he likes to sleep with men AND women. If his justification for it was that he didn’t want to hide a part of himself, then why hide that part of him from his parents? That’s bull. That’s lying and manipulation and he knows it.

  16. bollywood_rocks83

    Could the editors of Lamebook please for the sake of godlessness ban Dan? Keep the bible thumping to Facebook.

  17. dan_fargis_is_ugly

    Yeah, Dan Fargis is a troll. Both virtually and physically. 9 times out of ten, homophobia is nothing more than the sad longings of the closeted and hideous.

  18. ummm obviously dan wasn’t confused and was out if his bf was posting shit on his wall about sploooging in his face, so i say go mary, fuck ’em.
    and dan, dan dan dan, how many other websites,forums,blogs,ect do you clog up with your religious babbling? i’m sure god is very proud of his child, spreading the word of god, one lamebook comment at a time..fucking douche.
    if going to heaven meant being surrounded by dickwads like you, i’d take my chances in hell, but i believe in neither, so it doesn’t matter…

  19. Chewbacca shagger

    I was brought up very religious and it is judgemental tosspots like dan that seem to get off on forcing their veiws on everyone else, whether they are interested or not. I bet you go knocking on doors telling people they are sinners and going to hell for it too. I’ll be judged when i die if there is someone/thing that has the power to do it.
    I sent a girlfriend gay. My reasoning was that she’d reached the pinnical of her sexual experiences with a man and had to find solace in a woman. That’s the way i made myself feel better about the situation. 🙂

  20. **i mean chris wasn’t confused

  21. I turned my GF straight 🙁

    Does that earn me extra Heaven points?

  22. Actually, I’ve done it twice. So, those 2 new straight chicks give me +2 Heaven Points, +1 Hell Point for my own gayness… I’m still ahead. Sweet!

  23. So I’m not going to lie… I made this account PURELY so I could tell dan_fargis, douche bag extraordinaire, to shut the hell up already and to take his religious fanaticism somewhere else. It’s jerks like you who are turning people away from the church, so why don’t you go start a commune somewhere?

    Ahhh that kind of felt good.

    I’m kind of torn on this, Mary’s within her right to tell people that Chris cheated on her, but she didn’t need to be such a bitch about it and turn it into some kind of spectacle.

  24. oh Mary, you never experimented in college?

  25. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I’d like to let you all know how warm and fuzzy it made me feel to see the zealot-bashing.

    It gives me hope, even as an anonymous group of faceless personalities, it’s made my day.

  26. Not that I’m a believer in the Sky Fairy, but his publications do have a couple of specific references:

    As the article points out, however, there are some doubts over the translation of specific terms.

  27. I don’t quite understand why so many people are saying Mary is a bitch.

    First, Chris is a total jackass for cheating on her. If he was confused about his sexuality, he shouldn’t have been in a committed relationship. There is no need to hurt other people when you’re trying to figure yourself out.

    Secondly, ok, I have a caveat. Mary writes that Chris was on fb talking about hooking up with another guy. So, he outed himself. What kind of idiot talks about cheating ON fb, unless he wants to get caught? HOWEVER, if he was chatting on fb chat, or this was a private message….then Mary is pretty tacky. If she was reading her boyfriend’s private messages, that’s tacky as hell, and there is no need to make it tacky.

    On the other hand, would people think she is such a bitch if Chris had been cheating with another woman, and she announced it on facebook? How would that be different? It’s certainly immature to announce that your bf is a cheating bastard, but the impulse is understandable, and loads of people do it.

  28. Everyone is an asshole.

  29. Dammit, I can’t read a single post on here without @dan_fargis being a jerk.
    OK, you simply CANNOT tell other people off about using the correct grammar and spelling when your own is little better than a grade three’s. I mean seriously. And I think that as Creator of the universe, God probably deserves a capital. And it’s ‘sow’, not ‘sew’. Sewing is with a needle and thread. Try not to be such a hypocrite, at least for a little while.

    And stop condemning people to hell, especially for their clothing. My goodness, you make me sad.

    Quit mocking people about their vaginas. Please. For everyone’s sake. What kind of comeback is ” Do you have long protruding labia?”?

    I couldn’t even go ONE post after my last rant at you. Give me some peace!

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