Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smart Moves

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  1. Wow, these people are idiots! I can’t believe people have NEVER heard of Honduras! Didn’t you go to school???

  2. hazmat coming to kill an owl in the attic, yeah i’d believe it too…
    and if he only had an owl up there, why wasn’t he curious as to why they had multiple bags,or why when he was outside waiting for his house to be robbed didn’t he notice there wasn’t a hazmat vehicle on the street….idiot.
    his parents must be so proud..

  3. @ #51 I bet I can name some places in the UK that Americans have never heard of. Can’t know everywhere, especially if you are from another continent.

  4. Actually had a Bo type incident happen to some neighbors of mine once. Three guys told them they had to see their kitchen floor so they could lay concrete outside the back door . . . Knowing damn good and well you don’t lay concrete from inside the idiots still let them in . . . Next day they got robbed.

    Use frickin’ common sense people. Would you really have people in HAZMAT uniforms show up to EXTERMINATE an owl? They usually try to bring the animal out alive . . . Or swat it like a fly. If I was the kid’s mother I would whip his ass for being so damn stupid. Jeez.

  5. And on a final note . . . Bo is just so damn stupid . . . Wouldn’t your parents have left a note saying “Hey Bo, let the Haz-Mat fellas in so they can nuke the poor old owl that is hanging out in the attic. Don’t be scared, they aren’t going to rob you. P. S. please find a job today. Love, Mommy”


  6. Wow.

  7. Considering the fact Bo doesn’t know it’s “haz”, I have a 50/50 feeling a couple of us could go to his house and pull it off again.

  8. Tyler, fucking… bagsy on the owl, if we do that.

  9. Re: Dawn and Nicoretta…why do people not just Google things? It’s the easiest thing to do, and it saves you the humiliation of publicly admitting to never having heard of an entire COUNTRY.

  10. @priscipop – there’s a theory that people are so stupid that they aren’t even aware that they are idiots. Meaning, they wouldn’t even know that they had to google because they don’t have doubt or the realization that they are wrong. Ugh, I can’t explain shit today… here’s an article on it from the New York Times. Super interesting.

  11. While it is geographically accurate to state that Honduras (and Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belize, and most of Panama) are part of North America, they are formally known as Central America…so #19 was absolutely correct. It is NEVER correct to say that Central American countries are in South America, or that all Latin American countries are South American.

    MasterProp: I’ve eaten iguana in Honduras! ay que rica.

  12. So no one has said this yet…Is Alyssa laughing because it’s her party or because her friend put desert instead of dessert?

  13. @katypants — that is fascinating! Thanks!

  14. @Lyons: I would assume it is a “lol” at her friend’s general stupidity.

  15. @thanks katypants

  16. Crazy shit, right? Especially the part about the “unknown unknowns”. My brain went all matrixy.

    …and the part about the robber and the lemon juice is *hysterical*. Love it.

    Glad y’all like it too 🙂

  17. All your comments are the suck

  18. British, I think we’re onto an idea. I need a new tv after all.

  19. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Priscipop, given that you have heard of every country in the world – or perhaps just those recognised by the UN, you’d be able to tell us, without cheating the locations of:

    São Tomé
    Côte d’Ivorie

    …just to name a few.
    Is it uncomfortable up there, on your high horse?

  20. I get an owl, you get your new TV, Bo learns his damn lesson… again. Everyone wins. I love it when that happens.

  21. + principe… off coast of africa?
    west africa (cap. yamoussokro)
    is that the one that’s actually IN south africa? (mbabane?)
    kiribati sounds pacific
    azerbaijan is…. north east of turkey…? to the west of all the other bans and jans (baku, lots of oil)

    put him out of his misery.

    katypants thanks for the fascinating article. kind of thing i read at 4am when i’m stoned and eating pringles. 🙂

  22. p.s. dietpill i’ve always admired your name from afar.

  23. winners all, but i feel bad for bo

  24. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Nicely done!
    I just pulled a list of UN recognised sovereign states, and chose a few lesser known ones, to make the point.

    Côte d’Ivorie is easy though, it’s on the Ivory Coast. It’s name says so.

    I’m glad you like the name. It’s an ATHF reference, if that’s what you’re admiring. A giant talking, nappy (daiper?) wearing spider attempts to indoctrinate children into his world domination scheme through rap music.

    He intends to use the brainwaves of children to power drills, so he may free demons from hell, to hellp him run his Diet Pill Pyramid Scheme.

    I figured it made for a good anonymous screen name.

    I don’t see him/her often, but I bow to Paranoid Android and his/her username.

  25. The fact that there were guys who came to Bo’s house in haz mat suits is strangely amusing.

  26. This like what happened to Bo happens all the time. Most people tend to scurry out of the way when important looking people in professional suits come marching in and take over a situation… especially idiots like Bo.

  27. I would like to thank Dawn for making me feel slightly smarter today. And also for reminding me of my 4th favorite moment from “Clueless”:

    Cher: Lucy, you know I don’t speak Mexican.
    Lucy: I NOT A MEXICAN. [storms off]
    Cher: Great. What was that about?
    Josh: Lucy’s from El Salvador.
    Cher: So?
    Josh: So, it’s an entirely different country.
    Cher: What does that matter?
    Josh: You get mad if anyone thinks you live below Sunset.

  28. British, we’re like FDR and Churchill!

  29. Come on, he had ONE owl in his attic and he thought they would have bags of carcasses? Come on.. come on..

    They saw him coming from a mile away.

  30. #1 is obviously fake, it reads almost exactly the same as one from last week (or 2 weeks ago) where a girl got naked because someone came to her door and told her there was some disease outbreak.

  31. @dietpillpyramidscheme….

    I really don’t think urging people to Google it is getting up on my high horse, but if it is, giddyup.

  32. Momentary.Thing

    @Samosah: Perhaps it’s just that I saw that Futurama movie last week, but that is ABSOLUTELY what popped into my head. I was wondering if Bo was faking because he had just seen it, or if the robbers had gotten sudden inspiration from seeing it. Frankly, I’m just amazed it worked.

  33. I told someone about their surprise party once. Though, to be fair, I didn’t know it was meant to be a surprise…

  34. Yeah my boyfriend told me about a surprise party for me that was supposed to be this weekend… but it was because the people throwing it had so many grammatical and spelling errors that he had to show me the message in order to understand what the hell the person was trying to say. But I was glad. I didn’t want a surprise party and even if I ever had one, I wouldn’t want those people to throw it. I met them like 5 days ago… that’s my 2 cents.

  35. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Priscipop, I actually agree with you on the google part. See my earlier post. #50 or so.

    But the way I read your post, made it sound like having not heard of a country was shameful. As such, you either would have heard of every country, or been ashamed.

    Sorry if I took it the wrong way. It’s easy to misread at 3am.

  36. I am actually Honduran, and Honduras is in Central America people. DAMN,YOU ALL ARE SO STUPID, seriously? south america? not even close.

  37. ……Central America is a part of South America, which is a continent. Also a note to Carol Central America is not a continent. And YOU call US stupid….

  38. You are stupid unschmex! she is not saying that is another continent, Central america is a subregion of North America

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