Monday, November 8, 2010

Wins to Start the Week

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  1. Snookie is obviously a hobbit.

    …and apparently, all races have their prostitutes.


  2. I don’t get the first one. What’s the joke?

  3. Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rhianna.

  4. Fuck this shit. Fuckers.

  5. Ok it being Monday and me being a bit slow, the first one was the only one I got. And it wasn’t even funny. Who or what is Snookie? That’s the second time I’ve heard it mentioned here.

  6. Snookie = dumb bitch who stars in a reality tv show about stupid people in New Jersey.

  7. Jersey Shore rocks. GTL baby! Every Thursday when I watch that show I feel so much better about my short falls in life.

  8. i believe eating carrot top or gingers would also qualify for vegetarianism

  9. snooki is a vile disgusting fat 5 foot fuck up

  10. Rhianna jokes are about as old and stale as my grandmas sweat box. Must try harder you semi-satirical spunk gargling tossers.

    Michael with that type of wooden sense of comedy styling i can pretty much guarantee that you only cum once a year too. Guiltily into the palm of your own hand if i’m not mistaken.

    Andrew suggests that people in comas are vegetables, I will go one further and suggest that given half the chance i would fuck him mercilessly with a cucumber until due to massive internal bleeding he entered a coma like state himself.


  11. Fuck, I only got the last one when Imamofo spelt the fucking thing out to me!

  12. imamofo took the words out of my mouth…

  13. Dukey Smoothie Buns

    *Dick out.

  14. These jokes based around celebrities nobody has ever heard of get old real fast. I had to look up who “Rihanna” was, as I’ve never heard of her or “Chris Brown”. And now I know why the joke is a joke, but the problem is that it’s still not funny.


  15. Otto, Do you 1)live in america, or 2) Ever turn on day time news?

    It was all over both sources.

  16. Otto, celebrities no one’s heard of? Who exactly is this “no one”? I guess you mean yourself, because I hardly ever watch tv and don’t listen to hip hop/rap and I knew who Rihanna and Chris Brown are.
    You do understand that the FaceBook demographic is primarily teenagers who listen to pop music, right?
    I’m guessing that mostly you made that comment to show how hip and distant from mainstream America you are…
    So, maybe the problem is with you.

  17. Poor, naive Michael. He obviously hasn’t experienced the joy that is the McRib.

  18. “GRAAAAAAAINS…” ~ vegetarian zombie

  19. ^ Damn, I thought I just made that up, and then I flip to the next lamebook page and see someone beat me to it!

  20. Rihanna’s would have been much funnier if it said: ‘Thanks to my fans, my facebook page now gets more hits than my face!’

  21. No, it wouldn’t.

  22. undergroundtunnel


    That was retarded.

  23. I laughed at 1 & 4, clearly I am easily amused.

  24. As dumb as snookie may be, there are a lot of dumb people out there and she is joked about way too much, it stopped being funny long ago….also i’m pretty sure I would bang her.

  25. I agree with Michael..the McRib blows. Still all wins, though.

    @Jonjones maybe I’m weird…but I wouldn’t stick my fingers within a mile of her. I can’t touch stupid people…only smh, laugh, and decapitate. Of course, if she was a retard, she could get a hu-

    oh wait..

  26. Can someone help me out with the last one? I really don’t get it…

  27. People in a coma = vegetables = vegetarian zombie food

  28. @mocean Sometimes people call people in comas or who are brain-dead “vegetables” – hence, vegetarian zombies would eat them. Ha-ha-ha.

  29. I wonder how STDs react to zombification. Kinda neat to think about.

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