Friday, May 18, 2012

Clay is Killin’ It

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    These are actually good. This guy’s sense of humor resonates with me.

    I don’t care for the last one, though.
    The Emperor’s previous groove was explained in the movie. It was the asshole-ish groove he had before he was a llama.

  2. a kanye joke years after? Was this kid nervous about offending Kanye when everyone else was making “I’m gunna let you finish” jokes or did it just take this long to come up with that one?

  3. Wastey the Walrus

    kinda funny actually, especially the one about ponies. last one sucks balls

  4. I liked the Kanye joke, but only because of the omelette pun. “The Touch” would be a great show to watch.

  5. Yeah that third one made me chuckle…

  6. I watched “The smell”

  7. “The Taste” could make a decent porno.

  8. ^genius. hey beatus, could you talk the missus into one more curtain call?

  9. MsAnneThrope is not really a woman. I just realized this. Tell your friends, everybody.

  10. what you talk about

  11. crustylovelips

    I dunno, MsAnnethrope could be the butch one in a lesbian relationship…that’s the only other reason that I can think of for using the term missus.

  12. I like the ‘asian tranny’ conspiracy theory best. Or the one that I was multiple people.
    what you guys said is just shit.

  13. Is that (#9) the kind of stuff you talk about with your friends, Evil? That would make you a nerdy virgin; which would explain a lot by the way.

  14. ^the tumbleweeds blowing through heifer’s undies aside, I honestly cannot think of a better topic for her and her friends to sit around discussing.
    My genitalia! What a fucking treat.

  15. omelette you finish… yep, that’s funny.

    Well played, lamebook. Well played.

  16. Incorrect. Msannethrope is a rival terminator reprogrammed by John Connor.

  17. What friends?

  18. Ha! broni losers! anyways, wtf is up with the new myspace ad that’s been showing it’s face around here?

  19. ^rupert murdoch took up my challenge.
    I told him he was a greasy piece of geriatric shit and that him buying a social notworking site was the kiss of death for it.

    on another note, what is the fucking point of me installing adblock if retards like you are just gonna tell me about the fucking ads, anyway?

  20. After looking this rupert fellow up on wikipedia I realized that old fuck knocked up a 32 y/o woman when he was 72 and has a fucking 9 year old daughter. and I didn’t take you for supporting censorship Ms. Negative Nelly!, I will not be silenced! I also wasn’t talking to you, do you make a habit out of interrupting people, how rude! Shame on you! Now go get my belt, you need a solid flogging! 😀

  21. ^[snorts]
    good luck with that shit.

    and since when *the fuck* have I not supported censorship? It has always been my firm assertion that morons should stfu. I thought I’d been pretty consistent in this?
    (I mean, considering that I’m a massive hypocrite)

  22. You spelled hippo wrong. Seriously though, did I just read that wrong or you just call yourself a moron?! Capn needs clarification.

  23. if the Capn needs clarification, then I’d say the Capn is probably a fucking moron.
    The act of talking about yourself in the 3rd person merely confirms this.

  24. Bite your tongue wench! This isn’t about me, it’s about you. Now kindly end this tiff and cater to my curiousity!

  25. nah. always leave ’em hungry.

  26. adblocker? how does that support the site?

  27. fuck you. I gave at the office.

  28. Msanne, incorrect. The office is fake.

  29. I wish I could see Clayton’s last name so I could subscribe to his posts. This is exactly what my FB feed needs in between people talking about their dogs throwing up and the 67th posting of pictures of fat Marilyn Monroe.

  30. ^so here’s a revolutionary idea for you – delete the fucking thing.

    or get better friends.

  31. This particular Tesla has delusions of grandeur.

  32. And then I say something.

  33. I’ll freely admit to the ponies thing.

    But I still feel OK about myself.

  34. T1000, what exactly have you done with John Connor? Where have you hidden him?

  35. you drunk again, curls? John Connor is a fictional character.

  36. and that fucking idiot pretending to be a robot is just fucking sad.

  37. Curlybap, I register confusion. I am not in posession of John Connor.

  38. T1000 > MsAnneThrope

  39. ^nice avatar

  40. Boooo, awaiting moderation?! Because of a stupid link? Grrrr.

  41. what was the link to?
    (throw us a bone here, dear)

  42. Anne is very familiar with being thrown bones.

  43. The actor who played John Connor is missing. T1000 has him somewhere.

  44. Nick Stahl’s reported disappearance and subsequent admittance into a rehab facility?

  45. I like my version better. Fuck it.

  46. I like how some of the hack reporters were attributing his disappearance to the “John Connor curse”, as if individuals’ choices have no impact on their resulting lives (or deaths).

    What the fuck happened to journalism? Or society, for that matter?

  47. it’s always been a load of shit, Bacchante.
    We just didn’t have such a broad access to the massive amounts of fail because interweb.

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