Friday, May 18, 2012

Extra Marks

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  1. First.

    ‘Night bitches

  2. No, because this is macrobiology.

  3. Chinchillazilla

    Maybe if this class was Zoology.

  4. Microzoology.

  5. And “squiz”? WTF?

  6. When I see that I think Australian… They usually say that instead of “have a look at” … I mean look at his name.

  7. True lmaharj but “have a squiz” at something is different than trying to get something, it sounds to me more like squeezing out marks, probably by sucking up a bit?
    Who knows… kids these days… No damn respect!

  8. I like that expression, “Trying to squiz something.” Immagonnauseit sometime.

  9. 1. squiz
    squiz Australian slang,- To have a look
    squizzy – have a look at.

    2. squiz
    The semen that leaks out of a vagina after sexual intercourse. Semen leaking out of an anus is referred to as butt squiz.

    3. squiz
    The squeeze that gets the last bit of jiz out
    Give it one last squiz to keep it from burning later

    4. squiz
    to bust a nut
    he squizzed in her eye.

    5. squiz
    Slang for square, which is slang for cigarette.
    Throw me a lighter, I’m tryin to smoke a squiz.

    the cunt should fail.

  10. You mad? He’s a good drawer, top marks for that.

  11. yeah, i guess. he should do art for a job.

  12. It’s not slang for anything, he just doesn’t know how to spell SQUEEZE. Self-submitted, I reckon. That is, unless the exam-marker cant’t spell :o/

  13. dat good

  14. crustylovelips

    He should do art for a job? Like…an artist?

  15. maybe

  16. Everyone just calm the fuck down. Dosen’t really seem to be something to get so worked up about.

  17. piss off newfag, go lick a dirty apes asshole, I hear guys named Andrew enjoy that kinda thing. All this bickering is giving me a huge rubbery one, care to give me a hand? There’s some lamebook karma in it for you!

  18. stay in school, AndrewM.

  19. Good god, looks like I’ve somehow stumbled upon the slums of the internet.

  20. Less talky moar sucky rentboy

  21. ‘somehow stumbled’

  22. Andrew is Frodo.

  23. this is hardly the slums

  24. ^no. it’s like an open sewer in the slums.
    and turds like you float by on a regular basis.

  25. Stick around, Andrew. You may just enjoy yourself.

  26. Don’t be so hasty, beatus. Some of us have been concerned about the high quantity and low quality of new commenters, so I’ve introduced an application package.

    AndrewM, if, after careful consideration, you believe you have something to offer the Lamebook community, please contact MsAnneThrope via her blog, for the first step in your assessment and induction. You may wish to be represented by legal counsel, as some of the inclusions in the mandatory waiver were a little alarming to our focus group.

  27. ^ congratulations. you’re a fuckwit.

  28. ^still stings, does it slug?

  29. ^ SLG‘s just pissy that so many of the case studies in the training package used him as an example / warning.

  30. well if he was that fucking worried about it,
    perchance he’d cease conducting himself as himself ( to all the welcome delight shown a diarrhoeic dog on a bowling green).

    one of the biggest lies they tell you is ‘just be yourself’.

  31. the slums of the internet are far removed from a site with maybe 10 people thinking they are the bomb diggity yo.

    there are things out there that you couldn’t unsee if you saw them…strange, fascinating things.

    but keep up with the witty repartee and telling each other how lame the new guys are…because that is super cool.

  32. ^fuck off.

  33. Tr_willk, you’ve done the same thing (regarding “new guys”) in the last week or so. Don’t be such a hypocritical fucktard. Go ahead, hate yourself… everyone else does too.

  34. The only thing that matters in this whole post is the word “squiz”. I’m fascinated by this word. What does it mean? Where does it come from? And how does one perform a squiz?

  35. Don’t act all innocent, beatus. You know how to perform a squiz.

  36. Perhaps I do, and we just have different terms for the same action, like pizza and snowplow. Maybe a squiz to you is a donkey punch, Houdini, or angry dragon to me.

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