Friday, September 24, 2010

Dominique the Dominator

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  1. <~ Fellatio Cwac Cwac.
    Cool, my name is OralSexPerformedOnPenis MispelledDuckSound

    Yo yo, wut mah name iz..

  2. What. The. Fuck.

  3. @woofox
    not enough room for all of them :/

  4. D’Yo. As Bookmaster Shizzlemah would say.

    *sounds*, of course.

  5. Christ on a cracker

    Why so angry, Dom?

  6. Why is no one commenting on the obvious? This Dominique is a disgusting racist. Imagine if this had been a Caucasian woman using the n-word for a black woman, or putting down black people in general….it would cause a national uproar. Exactly how long will people keep turning their heads when confronted with a black racist? Why do people feel guilty for slavery when no one alive had anything to do with it? WHY IS RACISM FROM MINORITIES OKAY??

  7. Shekat, it is, in the ever-applicable words of Rat, ‘because people are MORONS! MORONS! MORONS!’
    For the record I feel no guilt whatsoever about slavery. Or anything else that anyone else has done.
    On the other hand what exactly do you want people to do? Say ‘Dominique is a racist bΓ­tch?’ Because people have said that above, and I’m not sure that there’s anything else one can do.

  8. @shekat, Yes, please read the comments before you rant about something that was, or was not said. I understand your anger, believe me. Racism as it stands now, will be around a long time. =/ the sad harsh truth.


    This should help to put this in some context.

  10. I looked up Dominique on FB…but…264k results? kthnxbai. I wanted to troll them. πŸ™ jk.

  11. Thanks Wagneralli for the link, that Rya is a racist too, see folks, it does go both ways

  12. Rya be a (( WHITE )) honkey cracker, niggas!

  13. @wagnerelli I love you.<3

  14. I just read through all the comments because the post was starting to make my eyes bleed and I can’t stop laughing at #33. Bechamel? Yerbouti? And my ABSOLUTE favorite…. LAQUEEFA??? Fuck that’s some funny shit!

  15. Hahahaha! Let’s hope I never have a child because if I do, I am TOTALLY naming it Laqueefa!

  16. I grew up in South Texas and have never encountered the likes of either Rya or Dominique – thanks be for that!

    @59, haha! Thanks for sharing!

    What the hell does Rya have against the word “y’all”? Is she against all contractions?

  17. I don’t know if the comments were deleted or not but it seemed like she kept on ranting for no reason.
    Plus, why is it that when a white person is being racist, the black goes haywire and starts yelling on how we’re discriminating and offending them but when it comes to a black person being racist to the white it’s okay. Pff. They’re so fucked up.

  18. “I don’t speak white people language.”

    Does she speak anything that resembles a proper language? English is dead.

  19. I think Uneek may be the best I’ve heard, with the exception of a child I knew when I was in kindergarten; her name was La-a. Now take a second to guess at how that is pronounced, k?

    it’s Ladasha. La – a. classy.

  20. @Wagnerelli: The link is all good and very helpful. But lets keep the anonymity going farther than just blurring out “I.M.” names. Thank you. πŸ˜€

  21. Did anyone else notice that one of the people responding to Rya’s remark in Wagnerelli’s picture capitalized every letter word in her sentence and couldn’t spell ‘Y’all’ correctly? Generally, I try to avoid reinforcing stereotypes that I am fighting against, but whatever works for her, I guess.
    In any case that at least clears up part of why Dominique is upset. Or does it? Why is she friends with Ryu in the first place? Why is Ryu friends with Dominique? Why can’t Dominique write a sentence in ENGLISH!? Why does Ryu even care what Dominique is trying to say? Why do rappers spell ‘whoa’ as ‘woe’ when they are pronounced the same way anyway? Why does Dominique call both her boyfriend and Ryu ‘woe?’
    One gets the feeling that Ryu and Dominique are a good 50% of what’s wrong with the world today.

  22. Sorry about that. It’s from Reddit, this was posted on there too. Plus that one’s on a public page, not a newsfeed, so I didn’t know how it worked there.

    By the way, at the risk of bursting the bubble, Rya’s likely a troll. Her profile pic comes up on 4chan quite often. She’s probably a joke account who goes around searching for anyone who will accept her.

  23. lol nig.gers.

  24. It appears that Dominique is indeed a male person. He’s articulate when compared to his friend Carey Richardson, whose Wall probably merits a thread of its own on here. Some of the names would probably make even #33 fearsarewishes wince. Meh.

  25. dominique mccreary is the name you guys want troll.

  26. Speaking of odd African-American names… When my grandmother was working as a nurse in the South a woman named her daughter Pajama. She’d seen it spelled and thought it sounded pretty… they were pronouncing it as Pah-Jah-Mah… which is actually rather pretty… but I can’t imagine what that child went through growing up!

  27. @76, not to be “that person”, but where did anyone mention that the odd names involved belonged to black people?

  28. My ghetto name is Rectal Teapot,Yo. πŸ˜€

    @passerino(74) I’m a little ashamed that Dominique and I live in the same city.

  29. @wagerenelli: Halo Custom Edtion FTW.

  30. #77, to be ‘that other person,’ while black people don’t have a monopoly on weird names by any means, it does seem that most people (in the US anyway) who give their kids weird names are in fact black people.
    And by ‘weird names’ I mean names which don’t derive from ANY culture, but are just mutations and combinations of other names/words.

  31. I tried to read this out loud to myself so that it might make a hint of sense, but all it sounded like was clicks and whistles.

    Thank you Dominique for reinforcing stereotypes.

  32. Oh shut the fuck up Jessi (#77). I hate people like you. Of course the odd names the school teacher mentioned belonged to black people. I have never met a white person with a stereotypical black name, ever. Those are stereotypical black names. I’ve never heard of any of them before, but it is a stereotype that black people name their children some weird things. White people give their children unique names too, but it’s different, instead of Obamaniqua or Spongebobeesha, it’s Apple or Rainn.

  33. I agree with Jessi. I live in a “large urban area” (#33?) and I know just as many whites, Asians, Hispanics and Torres Straight/Pacific Islanders named Laqueefa as I do blacks named Laqueefa.

    Wait let me check my records just to verify….

    No sorry, my mistake. I have 3 black Laqueefas and one Pacific Islander named Kawana.

  34. (Fiji)

  35. I want to put something in Dominiques arse.

    My fist….repeatedly

    That said I would like to confess that my real name is Fisty McFistyson and so I am probably just enforcing a social stereotype which is based on my unfortunate name.

  36. I f***ing hate racist asswipes. espeacially black ones.

  37. I once assisted a school photographer at several inner-city schools. I made the mistake of seeing the name “Africa Jones” and pronouncing it the way you pronounce the continent. Well, this 5 year old little spitfire wheeled around on me, with one hand on her hip, and spat out, “It’s uh-FREEK-uh!”

    I apologized and then told Uh-FREEK-uh that my name was often mispronounced, so I understood how she felt. And then a few days later I handed in my resignation.

  38. haha thats the most amazing comment ever! i was in tears πŸ™‚


  40. Good Lord, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” applies to passing kindergarten too.

  41. I think I have killed quite a bit of brain cells trying to read what Dominique had said….

  42. Dominique needs to be sterilized, taught proper English, and perhaps sterilized again just to be safe. If she has any kids, which I’m guessing she has several, with many different men, based on her clearly high level of intelligence, they should be wiped from the face of the earth. This is for the good of all mankind.

  43. Fake.

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