Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ruff Crowd


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  1. I was wondering how long it’d take for another lamebook post involving poo to appear. I was hoping the poo hiatus would be longer…

  2. Or the fact that you still have a CD playing BoomBox. what is this, 1998?

  3. There is a difference between lame and pathetic.

  4. @EwGross: Ummm… I really don’t see what’s wrong with having a CD player “boombox” but whatever.

  5. Oh, and this picture is disgusting. I’m going to go puke my breakfast now, tyvm.

  6. Speak for yourselves, I like the poo pics best of all.

  7. I could have gone all day without seeing that pic. I would have appreciated a warning…

  8. That’s dogshit…

  9. Two girls and a boombox.

  10. I think the dog is probably more concerned with his housekeeping skills. He appears to keep his boombox on the floor amid his dirty clothes. The poo seems kind of dry too, as if he only discovered it several days after it happened when he unearthed his boombox from beaneath piles of accumulated garbage.

  11. I couldn’t stand it anymore. There he was, eating another four Big Macs, large fry and the obligatory diet coke. What do I get? Nothing. Not even a fry. Not even the reject fries that still have some skin on them. Not even the ones that have the tips that are all shriveled and brown.

    Ohh some dry kibble again for dinner. Sure. Yum. Ever wonder why I don’t run for this stuff? Becuase I eat by necessity. You feed your fat-ass the equivalent of 16 meals a day.

    Then someone at the drive-thru commented on your order. I was there, in the back seat. I heard it. “All this is for you?!” You laughed, but I knew you were cut inside. Cut deep. So you went to the basement when you got home and pulled out that boombox you bought in 1995. Then Big Shiny Tunes 6 came on and you did your little workout. Cool, 20 minutes a day! Except don’t forget the fact that you still haven’t cut down on your Big Macs. So every day now I have to endure Bloodhound Gang’s ‘The Bad Touch’ while watching your rolls bounce up and down on the treadmill. The song isn’t even a good workout song. But don’t worry, eating that dry-ass-kibble isn’t even as vile as watching you run.

    Then Christmas came along, and you put in Alvin & The Chimpmunks Sing the Holidays. Yeah. I want a hoola-hoop, and a gun to blow my brains out. Make the pain stop.

    I’ll get your boombox. I’ll get it good. Then I’ll watch your reaction as you see it. And watch you clean it up. Sure, hit me with the newspaper–throw me outside. I’ll tuck my tail in between my legs, but my smile will be huge. Clean it up.

    Oh, and the next time you try and make me run on the treadmill with you then laugh as I fall off, it’s going on your pillow.

  12. What’s the big deal? Poo looks like cheap dog food anyway.

  13. he must have been playing Miley Cyrus

  14. Nevermind the boombox, did you notice there is an actual cassette case there? Prolly more like 1992 not 1998!

  15. Indeed, and as far as I can see, that device has no facility for playing cassette tapes. Odd.

  16. Anonisgay, you seemed to have forgotten to include the part where your uncle touched you in places that were previously deemed “private” after you finished your meal. Are you feeling alright?

  17. Anonisgay was playing the part of the dog. I thought it was brilliant.

  18. After a particularly messy evening, I once did a huge turd in my girlfriend’s new kitten’s litter tray.

    I think she still believes her cuddly little kitten, Mopsy, laid a giant cable that evening, but on the other hand, it may be one of the contributing factors why we split up.

  19. @ tell a good tale, bravo

  20. Mercure, if that is true you are my hero.

  21. I don’t understand why the rooster shaped poop was blurred and you had to click to see it, but this one isn’t blurred.

  22. @dinosgorawr so i guess you want the rooster poop to be unblurred??

  23. I think someone human put the poop there, not the dog. I’m pretty sure a dog wouldn’t poop all in a big cluster like that. They tend to waddle as they poop.


  24. my brother’s dog pooped on his best friends new Playstation – right on top of it, and she is completely housetrained. it was a random act of violence on her part.

  25. AnonisGay and Mercure … your hilarious comments are making it rather difficult for me to break this lamebook habit, dammit! Fucking brilliant.

  26. posty mcposterson

    @ 23 Chinchillazilla – I thought it looked like it had been placed there as well…but then I wondered if maybe I was over thinking it. lol

  27. this is HILARIOUS

  28. @AnonisGay: I haven’t laughed that hard since I was a little girl! Thank you!

    @Mercure: Another tale of LOL. Bravo!!!

    That poor dog more than likely got sick of listening to Titanics soundtrack. I side with the dog on this account!

  29. I am loving the kitty cable. Thanks Mercure!!

  30. “I was hoping the poo hiatus would be longer…” Yeah, no shit!

  31. BTW, that dog is eating very low quality food. Just sayin.

  32. Anitalaff – why is it low quality dog food? How can u tell?

  33. Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who?

  34. This just goes to highlight the sorry state of music at the moment. There’s always a load of shit on the radio.

  35. I’ve heard of downloading, dropping the kids of the pool and sewer surfing with Kermit the bog. But now this post of the shitty music has presented me with a new idea for a slang name that means taking a dump. Dropping the DJ’s off at the Turntable!

  36. Ugh.. Grooooss.. I was eating!

  37. @Lolchoholic: Could have been worse if you were eating kebabs.

  38. ^ or chocolate or fudge.

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