Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Photos

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  1. I smirked somewhat at #1

    #3 – Wooo! A dog lifting his leg and taking a piss behind some trailer trash. Meh.

  2. thisisnotanexit

    #3, I am more disturbed that the guy is smoking with the kids right there.

  3. Lol @ 2. That’s amazingly common, dude. People figure being outside negates the potential harm, anyway. You should see all the hicks smoking in the car with their kids, windows rolled up to make a nice hazy interior.

  4. The Tap out shirt is obviously the most offensive thing in the picture. Worst “brand” ever other than Ed Hardy.

    Here it is illegal to smoke with a minor in the car (anyone under 18).

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    When my grandfather died, the local newspaper put in the wrong picture for his obituary. It was actually quite funny.

  6. Think you lot have misjudged the potential harm, surely the smoking won’t Kill the little kid for a good long while, however the shocking bowl cut given to him will surely lead to it’s untimely demise!

  7. Wow, these are awful. No laugh at all, not even a smile. BORING!!

  8. I don’t get the first one…

    Others aren’t really that great.

  9. @Keona…
    You do not get that the wedding posting was listed under the cheap divorce lawyers?

  10. The guy in the last picture is freaky. Now I know what the spawn of E.T. and Matthew McConaughey would look like.

  11. ROTFLMAO @ Tokas and WordPervert.. whereas the actual posts didn’t even get a smirk. Meh.

  12. My last wedding announcement was posted under an ad for a divorce lawyer, too. So was my third announcement.

  13. I see it now. The text about the wedding is extremely blurry. I couldn’t make out the words until zoomed in.

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