Monday, July 25, 2011

Week Starting Wins!

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  1. vaginalroundhouse


  2. Secunt! lol

  3. I did not get #2 though…*facepalm*

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    This one isn’t very popular. Guess it’s just you and I my lord.

  5. Did she mean super? Why did no one acknowledge that?

  6. because she spelled it right?

  7. @vag I guess so.
    @megamel99 You deserve a carbonite bath for your stupidity.

  8. For some reason, blirst made me laugh more than anything.. ever!

  9. darthvader/alijacket – really, so you think Marissa is waiting for her dinner to fix the washer and dishwasher? Or maybe she meant super (one P). The “super” (again…one P) of a building is the guy who, among other things, is in charge of fixing stuff. Your supper (two P’s) is the meal you eat in the evening. Why don’t you think for a second before you call someone stupid and act like a dick?

  10. Because if her eggplant parmesan has the ability to repair appliances, then that’s pretty spectacular.

  11. @jeffreyd Or maybe she meant she is waiting for supper (yes, 2 Ps) to be finished so she can eat and then wash dishes and stuff. Idk, I may be wrong. And I have every right to be a dick, I am your god damn Lord.

  12. And I STILL don’t get #2. I need someone informative to explain.

  13. @darthvader – The status says it was posted “via Vibrator.”

  14. The chick is pretty stupid. Super or supper works.

  15. Thank you, Ripley!

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