Thursday, September 24, 2009

Surprise, Ryan!

Surprise Ryan

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  1. I hate these memory posts! Thank goodness someone finally took them seriously and posted a memory worth remembering!

  2. I like where Josh’s mind is.

  3. What kind of dude creates a facebook status like this?

  4. Oh snap!

  5. My favourite part of Facebook is the “Hide [this dumbass application]” button.

    It’s not fair to put essentially the same gibberish in your status updates. How am I supposed to delete that?

  6. If you can’t joke about sex in the 12th grade, what can you joke about?

  7. i hope he washed the sheets

  8. Josh FTW

  9. I hate that status, all the fat single girls I’m “friends” with have used that as a status. It’s so sad and desperate. Then it gets worse when a guy will write something racy and she goes nuts being offended but you know she loves it because she keeps writing about it.

    People suck.

  10. Dearest Ryan, My most precious memory of me and you is that time you posted the most depressing effing status ever and I accidentally read it and promptly un-friended you. It was magical.
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  11. Bullshit Josh, all you did was finger me.

  12. It was a double fist-fuck and you loved it!

  13. “when is was in year 12” = LIES!

  14. Why’s it lies he was in year 12?

  15. It’s lies because he is referring to the year 12 BC, which as we all know was before girlfriends and womenfolk were invented.

  16. oh…of course.

  17. I fucked your dad in your bed many times while you were at school

  18. I’m surprised no one has addressed this….what the hell is a non cousin cousin?

  19. year 12 means senior in your american high school.
    this applies to the australia’s education system.

  20. Austrailia has an education system?????

  21. Yeah! and it has improved since Crocodile Dundee came to America!

  22. Year 12 is also in most of Europe, isn’t it? Maybe even Canada?

    I think calls Ryan “cousin” as slang for “friend” or “dawg”. So Ryan is Ellie’s non cousin cousin. So not REALLY related, but good friends.

    Here me bro? My non bro bro, of course…

  23. I remember hiding in your closet, masturbating, as Josh had sex with his ex, in your bed. He then wiped his dick on your teddy bear and they both laughed, before getting dressed and leaving.

    Hmmm, btw, why do you still have a teddy bear?

  24. whoa… I had a crapload of typos in my post.

    I think Ellie calls Ryan “cousin” as slang.

    and Hear… not Here… geez, I need more sleep.

  25. Auto spell check WIN?

  26. Looks like it’s a bad day to be a Ryan on Lamebook.

  27. i would guess non cousin cousin is probably the child of your parents’ very close friends. we call my parents’ best friends aunt & uncle, so their kids are kind of like our cousins.

  28. @ Phalange
    Yeh, one of the first things they teach us is how to spell “Austrailia”

  29. Year 12, where I went to school anyway, is the first year of sixth-form or college. Year 11 is the last year of senior/secondary/high school.

  30. That’s a weird memory to have of someone, because he wasn’t even there during the sex. I also like how the guy realized he probably shouldn’t say this, but then just wrote ooops ad posted it instead

  31. i thought you were all joking about the year 12 thing for some reason. right, you lot don’t know what that means. i’ll keep that in mind

  32. Year 12 = Last year of high school.

    Yes AUSTRALIA has an education system, we’re a hell of a lot more educated than you Phalange… You bloody fucking idiot.

  33. ryan bockmann,
    its called karma.

  34. If it’s England, y12 is the school/college/sixth form year in which you turn 17


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