Thursday, September 24, 2009

Case Closed

Case Closed

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  1. Funny how all the women you come in contact with are “bitches,” but it couldn’t possibly be that you overlook the normal chicks in your midst (the same thing you accuse women of doing) because they don’t look like models. If you’re shallow, expect to get shallowness in return. In the meantime, try not to shoot up any gyms.

  2. Sweeping generalizations are a patented sign of someone’s pain, or ignorance. In this case, I’d say a bit of both.

    As long as these chicks feel that all men are assholes, it’s likely that those will be the only men they find. They are dooming themselves to failure.

    And the lesbian comments are funny, but you guys must not know lesbians. They cheat on each other too. We are united in our pain 🙂

  3. @Kinga – you are precisely correct. That’s exactly what I was trying to get across.

  4. All men are assholes. All women are bitches.

    These kinds of mentality are unproductive. Literally, unproductive.

  5. The message our sophisticated Dan is subtly giving away is this:

    “You reap what you sow. But stupid people, like you, will never understand this, so you are doomed to live a life as a white trash bitch”

  6. I like how Spike just adds to their point by talking about his stupid “Wang”…


  8. well sd “alex (number 3)” n “claire (number 5)”.
    not all guys r assholes. ok, sum r dikheads but only a few. thts jst steriotyping all guys coz those sluts hav choosen bad dates b4 coz thy were in such a rush 2 get their pants off thy didnt hav tym 2 choose a gud date.
    n “spike”, jst lol. at least he trys …

  9. A bunch of stupid girls that don’t know anything about men and judge the others by the handful they do know.

  10. @ Chris

    No, in that context it would be spelled “to”.

  11. Maybe if Talia and Alina didn’t get shit-faced every Friday night and kept what little wits they have about them they wouldn’t always wake up with they panties hanging from the ceiling fan of some random asshole.

  12. My 5 housemates are all girls and we’re always having this argument, as recently as last night in fact. I always end up taking the position that Dan takes here, girls often think all guys are dicks because:

    1) They have poor tast in men. Some guys are dicks just as some women are crazy. If you always go for the ones that turn out to be dicks then that’s gonna warp your world view a bit.

    2) They sometimes do things that provoke a dickish response because they don’t realise that guys are fundamentally different to them. Now this is a long list but for example, while a girl might read from your body language that you are mad at her and know why, many times a guy just won’t pick up on it unless you say something.

  13. yeah, all guys are dicks, true, all women are definitely bitches as well, and my wnag is WAY BIGGER than Spike’s

  14. yeah, all guys are dicks, true, all women are definitely bitches as well, and my wang is WAY BIGGER than Spike’s

  15. Did you actually take time out of your day to write that vanilla? what a fucking loser.

  16. Stupid girls

  17. thatswhat.shesaid

    I heart Beag.
    At least someone knows what the fuck they’re talking about.
    Get with it dumbasses. As soon as a girl hurts you, you’re talking shit about “bitches, and sluts” …get the fuck over it. you do the same shit. please do not portray yourself as superior, when clearly, you are not.


    I heart Beag, too.

    Fuck all you Nice Guys.

  19. Beag and thatswhat.shesaid are totally right.

    Sadly the reality in my experience is that most guys are dicks, but so are most women. Just have to find someone sweet and stick with them.

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