Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stay Positive


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  1. People will do anything just to get a laugh. LAME.

  2. note to self: lock blackberry when going to the bathroom at the bar/computer at work…

  3. There’s something fishy about this…

    The word “Comment” under Tom’s name has been edited. It’s not in line with everything else. Weird?


  5. @ 3. Bry
    Tom edited out the “Delete” which gave away the fact that he got the screendump of his own account. LAME!!!!

  6. no, even on your own account, it would say “comment” there, not “delete”…you delete by mousing over and clicking the “remove” that appears. I have no idea why this screenshot was doctored, but I am intrigued.

  7. Herpes FTL

  8. 6 is right, there isn’t a delete. Although now I’m suspicious as to the reason behind the edit!

  9. If “put on job” had a scent, it would smell like Tom.
    Unfortunately, Tom smells like herpes.

  10. You don’t get herpes by someone touching your cousin–unless you’re touching your cousin too, of course.

    Oh Bree. You dirty, dirty cheese.

  11. Tom is an idiot

  12. 9 seconds ago

  13. He probably got it from her cousin anyway.

  14. This is way more effective than making all those phone calls.

  15. He probably got hacked; one of my friends supposedly announced to the world that he ‘has a raging case of crabs :(‘
    No joke; I texted him and he had no idea what I was talking about.

  16. Maybe it’s some sort of code message, and the FBI will now send an evac team to bring him in from the cold. He will then be debriefed, issued with a new identity, a new assignment and a new Facebook profile.

  17. Good upload, Bree!

  18. You guys all fail. Bree definitely didn’t upload this, and it hasn’t been edited. But nice try.

  19. When my husband forgets to log off, I just write that he loves Nickelback. The next time he does it, I’m going to out him as a Twilight fan and that he’s Team Edward (because I don’t know the other teams).

    I don’t accuse him of having herpes as it kind of makes me look bad.

  20. @Persistent Cat
    Liking Nickelback is so much worse than contracting herpes. One suggests at least a rudimentary bash at sexual contact, the other prohibits it. You are a cruel, cruel woman. I feel for your man.

  21. @ Too Soon?

    Fuck you.

  22. @Nickelback
    I stand corrected. You are musical legends.

    ‘I wanna be great like Elvis without the tassels
    Hire eight bodyguards that love to beat up assholes
    Sign a couple of autographs
    So I can eat my meals for free
    I’ll have the quesadilla, ha, ha’

  23. i have a hair piece!

  24. @miccheck1212

    HAHAHAHAHA your comment FTW.


    I presume you’re the one who uploaded this seeing as you’re so knowledgeable about it?

  25. @Toosoon? haha, that is all.

    A friend of mine leaves his cell phone unlocked all the time and his fiance puts the worst things as his status. Things like “has a vagina.” and “likes little boy’s penises.” and “likes to masturbate on sleeping dogs.”

    It’s really fucked up. I don’t know how it doesn’t piss him off more.

  26. That Bree bitch should wake up. 1/4 people got that shit, and cold sores are herpes too. Fucking ho sounds like a stigma-spreading hypochondriac.

  27. “I took the AIDS test… passed it… with a 65!”

  28. so… i have herpes. anyone want to fuck me now? anyone? christ he’s an idiot



  31. Just posted in on my facebook wall!

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