Monday, March 26, 2018

Stirring The Pot

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  1. Yes, very clever Mr. Doublechin, but making the employees put those books back is like paying a speeding ticket in pennies and just making the cashier’s life more difficult. You’re being a rebel to the wrong people!

  2. He obviously has nothing better to do with his time. Probably another hateful atheist who was looked down in school because he was called names like “nerd” and “geek”, and now he’s angry, trying to show everyone that he’s the smart one and everyone who doesn’t believe like him is dumb. That’s your typical non-believer. Pretty sad state of affairs.

  3. wxmatt82 ^ went to the same bookstore and moved all the dinosaur books into the fiction section in retaliation.

  4. Now try it with copies of the koran and other islamic books.

  5. That’s just what he’s telling people. The truth is, he was touching little boys trying to buy Magic cards.

    Only way you could look more like a pedo is by adding a bowtie dude.

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