Thursday, May 7, 2009

Always Time For An Update


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  1. If I were shooting an infant out of my vagina, updating fb would probably not be in my immediate plans.

  2. why would anybody want to know that???? keep that shit to your self!


  4. and im gonna sit in front of the computer and lurk everyones facebook until my cervix is fully dilated…thanks guyz

  5. why does she sound happy? aren’t you in almost excruciating pain when your water breaks and you go into contractions? she’s a trooper. facebook status update-er of the year award.

  6. hahhaaha sophie

  7. Don't feed the morons

    …and now the head is poking out of my vijayjay. (Pictures to follow)

  8. Why do some pregnant women think the entire world wants to know every single bit of their pregnancy and labor AND delivery? Oh my god your not the only one on the planet that has ever done this. Every single moment may be exciting to you but it is not to us. Show us a pic of your kid and shut the fuck up about your mucus plug or water gushing out of your vagina.

  9. Haha,

    her kid will be joining FB soon

  10. Calm down Mandy. It’s not your fault that you can’t have kids.

  11. Just because your water breaks does not mean you’re in labor. It can take hours, even until the next day. And no, you’re not in excruciating pain when your water breaks. Honestly, for a lot of women there’s nothing to do BUT sit around at home until you are allowed to go to the hospital. It’s a long ass procedure for some. Get your shit straight before being so god damn judgemental morons.

  12. Awww, I think wittle Jen here’s probably done this sort of status update before and has gotten her wittle feewings hurt over the fact that IF you want to share ANY of this at all with anyone, most people would prefer it being no more public than an e-mail, and even then only to the people who actually give a shit.

  13. “The baby’s going to be born any second now! But first let me keep updating everyone about it on Facebook so they can know how important it is.”

  14. Not lame.

    You pieces of garbage are reachin’.


  16. Jen’s right, just because your waters break doesn’t mean your labour has even started yet. When my friends are having babies I want to know how they’re doing, and all the details. Only because I’ve been through it myself, before that I probably wouldn’t have understood or been that interested. I don’t find these sorts of posts lame at all – having a baby is about the biggest thing you could ever do.

  17. Don’t forget to upload the birth video after.

  18. Yeah, childbirth is so monumental and engrossing that sure, why not disengage yourself, stick a phone in your face, and disrespect all the hard-working people surrounding you.

    I’m with the naysayers. It’s quite apparent what the future quality of attention this(these) child(ren) will receive.

    It bemoans me, this level of shameless familiarity, found practically everywhere in this[my] generation.

    I’m sure such women would want less the presence of the people(scores of them, to be sure) she blasts such obscene details to than their desire to read them.

  19. UGH! People who post their birthing shit on facebook should be pushed in front of a speeding bus!

    Nobody wants to know that shit! Keep it to yourself, bitch!


  20. …except maybe the friends and family who support you and want to know about that “shit”.

    When you’re stuck in the hospital during the beginning stages of your labor, you’re alone most of the time (as in no doctors or nurses) and you’re bored as hell between contractions. So no, it’s not lame to post about your progress on your facebook, if you have people who actually do want to know how you’re doing, and you don’t want to call 30 odd people to let them all know individually.

  21. Let’s see… your water usually breaks *before* you’re at the hospital, she’s updating on a phone, and as so many others have said, it can take many hours from water breaking to birth. The only lame thing about this post is the comments from the baby haters. It’s not like she posted birthing shots. I love kids and that’d be a bit much for me.

  22. I totally agree with Mandy and Diane Mk, it’s GROSS make other persons picture the image of that!, she must limit to call her husband and mom and they will inform to the persons who cares, she is nasty.

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