Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wearin’ Me Out


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know it was possible to be so fucking self-absorbed that you need to tell everyone what shitty clothes you’re wearing.

  2. Wow, these bitches are so stupid and I’d never want to be friends with them.

  3. That Britni sounds shameless. Oh My God.

  4. I bet they’re all feminists. Gross.

  5. Ewww…feminazi bonerkillers, I bet. Those are the WORST.

  6. It depends on whether they are radical or not. That will make me decide whether or not they suck.

  7. Janice and Britni’s pics aren’t blurred…lol.

  8. My god, who are these losers? And what are they wearing?

  9. how is she unemployed and on call at once??

  10. she’s on booty call

  11. Ew! Britni has the worst fashion sense ever. How can she wear brown pants with leopard print wedges? And mauve and off-white?! Good lord.

  12. Anyone who spells her name “Britni” doesn’t get an ounce of respect from me. She probably dots her “I’s” with a heart too. Lame.

  13. Good lord, THAT is the uniform for the unemployed? How exactly is one “On Call” and unemployed? ‘Quick Traci, you gotta come down to the corner of E. 51st and Nebraska, we need a panhandler! You are wearing your unemployed uniform complete with make-up correct?”

  14. i am wearing a ski mask, nipple pasties, a black and red argyle sock over my penis, and rain boots. white power.

  15. I put on my robe and wizard’s hat…

  16. lol @ gazelle. Bloodninja ftw
    Also isn’t this the same girl who was wearing the ‘killer pants suit’ in an older post.
    Lamebook repeater – the newest version of sad…

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