Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kidney Groan Update


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  1. Christine is a fucking bitch! l0l

  2. Haha yes caderday, way to make him feel better!

  3. Whaling? Was she harpooned when she had kidney stones?

  4. Christine is such a tramp. Why doesn’t she just hand Ryan a gun and say, “sure you might as well kill yourself now, cause you’re guna wish you were dead.. Good luck!”

  5. lol Christine needs to try and push a baby out of her vagina and gain some perspective.

  6. Masha,

    I’ve never experienced giving birth or passing a kidney stone, but my mother has. She told us that she would rather give birth than pass a kidney stone. Of course, hers was the size of a golf ball though.

  7. I’ve pass a stone. It’s not fun. However, the acid in soda helps dissolve the stones. Look it up. There is in fact a known home remedy for helping pass a stone involving soda.

  8. Colas contain high levels of phosphoric acid, which has been linked to kidney stones and other renal problems. Bottoms up, bitches.

  9. I’ve had a kidney stone, not fun. Although it wasn’t the actual kidney stone passing that hurt, that was just annoying..The kidney infection from the stone was the painful part =/ I feel Ryan’s pain.

  10. Kidney stones are a billion times worse than childbirth, and I have 3 kids I should know.

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