Friday, August 21, 2009

And On That Note, Happy Friday


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  1. BAHAHAHA. i’m waaay ahead of both of them 😉

  2. So Blah’s doing a number on Mom. What’s new

  3. Guess who got grounded this weekend?

  4. eh, she’s old news

  5. This isn’t lame, it’s hilarious. Mostly because I’m pretty James is kidding. Or maybe James is his dad.

  6. Sadly, hardly any young person you run into these days is named “Harry” and “James” anymore. Unless they’re Windsors. You don’t suppose..?!

  7. @sarcasticmeow or stuck in Harry Potter novel, I suppose…

  8. Ahahahaha!

  9. I hope James is his dad.

  10. It’s going to be terrible if James is his grandfather.

  11. (next line in the sequence)=

    “thanks for understanding Uncle James”

  12. @Cam -1 for calling Harry Potter a novel.

  13. I like “Blah”.

  14. Ah, who hasn’t had James’ mom at least twice?

  15. @Busta Hymen: I agree. My fail.

  16. your mom wasn’t the best i ever had…she was alright…i wouldn’t go so far as saying she was blah, son!

  17. Dude, this doesn’t deserve to be here. It’s nothing special.

  18. I didn’t know Harry Potter had a facebook. Good to know…
    (It could be worse. I could be a Twilight fan.)

  19. I totally fucked Harry’s mother last night. In bed.

    And I’m gonna do it again tonight! No blah.

  20. I thought it was ‘Your Mother’ not ‘My Mother’? I’m obviously not down with the kids!

  21. Oedipus rears his ugly little head…

  22. @whatsyourst8us: wow, your blog is based on a really unique idea. Where did you get the notion?

  23. i am so jealous if james IS his dad. because i would love to be named harry with a dad named james. i wonder if lily is the mom?

  24. @ratcoon Oh hush. There is room for us all.

  25. that made me LOL so hard. xD
    James FTW

  26. Mr. Lover lover, Mr. Lover lover, girl, Mr. Lover lover
    She call me Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic, touch me in me back
    she say I’m Mr. Ro…mantic

  27. Sixkiller just lost his virginity to a shaggy song!!

  28. @ Flip–> And with yo momma!

  29. fail.

  30. Epic WIN!

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