Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boy Krazy Boyz


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  1. I don’t get what’s wrong with someone having a discussion with his friends about what type of men he finds attractive?

  2. In the English language we use the word “hotter” rather than “more hot”. I think the rule is something like monosyllabic adjectives and ones with two syllables that end in ‘y’ get the suffix “-er” while other adjectives get “more”.

    Still, it’s better than “more hotter”.

  3. Don’t forget the recipe, Olivia:
    1/4 cup of understanding …

  4. HA!-Keyser! LOVE IT!

  5. the origional problem here is the fact these gays are talking about man sexing each other. get rid of them all.

  6. I agree with him.

  7. haha, i wanna suck this dude ^_^

  8. @Chargers


  9. If this was a heterosexual conversation it would not have been posted. It’s pathetic how heterosexist our society is.

  10. ZOMFG – you mean gay guys have preferences too? Who knew?!

    This is a fail post.

  11. @allaboutthefword
    Yeah, I kind of agree, but I feel the same way about light-haired girls.

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