Friday, April 24, 2009



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  1. If God is a DJ, wouldn’t life be the line outside the club?

  2. @Mike: Poetic… absolutely poetic…

  3. … It’s a song 😛

    If God is a DJ, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music.

    This is not that lame, really. I’ve seen people saying even lamer stuff than that for their ‘Religious Views.’

  4. @justiceO.o:

    Then who’s dancing?

  5. AnonymousBastard

    The really funny part is Baptists tend to be uptight bitches that think dancing is a sin.

  6. actually, AB, you seem to the the uptight one.

  7. actually, bob, you are an uptight cunt

  8. kill yourself, bob.

  9. Jesus was a DJ on the show Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.

  10. If God is a DJ, and you attempted to listen to the music he was playing, your head would explode and you would burst into flames. Not just because he crazy mixes that shiznit but also because your limited brain cannot even comprehend the noises that he emits.

  11. It’s a song by Pink!

  12. Ego up, I’m larst.

  13. This has to work some time. hasn’t it.

  14. OK, now out.

  15. Now how about this.

  16. And the rest is titled.

  17. Now, how ‘bow this.


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