Friday, April 24, 2009

Grippin’ Lame


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  1. LOL……… wow

  2. Um, someone please explain this to me… I’m pretty lost.

  3. I think he’s saying he wants 30″ rims and a wood grain steering wheel? He must put penis in his mouth for a living.

  4. It’s slang in the SLAB (Slow Loud And Bangin) car scene, the rims go all the way up to 30″ and wood grain wheels are a must as well. my ’77 Impalas on 30″ Blades w/ wood grain steering wheel and a 537 twin turbo to push all that along. Even had to get the steps they use on off road trucks installed to get in the damn thing…

  5. you people watch too many rap videos. get a life, and spend your money where it counts.

  6. @hahaha: your MOM should get a life. your FACE watches to many rap video! and yeah, since you cant get any i BET you know how to spend that money!
    sorry, i dont mean that at all, i just really felt like dissing someone in a retarted way, and you were the first person i saw 🙂

  7. still larst.

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