Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Won and Done!

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  2. These three sure lived up to the name of this site.

  3. haha simpsons ^^^

  4. That awkward moment when you discover that your unnecessary awkward moment “bit” isn’t an awkward moment at all, but simply a witty observation.

    Remember, in the end even Dumbo could fly without the feather. Fly, Austin, fly.

  5. Dear grown men who concern themselves with Justin Beiber and Robert Pattinson, I find it really disturbing how jealous you are of these men considering their fans are mostly underage girls.

  6. so if you’re ‘jealous’ of JB, you’re a pedophile?
    yeh riighto

  7. Well there are a lot of very wealthy, famous, good looking men out there who have women swooning. Yet somehow the ones whos target audience is teen girls are the only ones targeted by grown men. I dont get it.

  8. “the only ones targeted by grown men”…really? that hasn’t been my experience!
    clearly, everyone is jealous of everyone else who is even doing slightly better than them. if you are successful in life, you must be hiding a serious character flaw, right?
    especially in australia where we have a serious case of ‘tall poppy syndrome’ going on, where everyone falls upon the latest victim of a fall-from-grace with all too obvious and disgusting relish.

  9. Enough with the “awkward moment” and “dear,” shiite

  10. Testicles. Pronounced “TEST-e-cleez”. Good name for Austin’s first born son.

  11. butterscotchcandy

    I’m going to make a bold statement here and say “that awkward moment” is the dumbest thing to hit the Internet, ever. They are usually not awkward, not to mention they are not even proper sentences.

  12. That awkward moment when you wake up at the dentist to find your pants unzipped and your teeth bleeding.

    (recycled joke from The Jerky Boys)

  13. Am I the only person who had to look up who that Robert fellow was? The real Saving Private Ryan story was way more badass.

  14. That awkward moment when Austin admitted watching the Wizard of Oz, and realised he could indeed type a Facebook status with a cock in his mouth and arse.

  15. That awkward moment when you see a lamebook comment that suggests that if you’ve seen Wizard of Oz, you must be quite the fag, and you think “wait, I haven’t seen the movie, but I have read the book”.

  16. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’ve never seen ‘The Wizard of Oz’, or read the book. But I do love the cock.

  17. That awkward moment when you have last night’s secks juice crimping your peehole shut and giving you the splitstream so you are kind of peeing in the toilet but you’re also pissin’ in the potpourri.

  18. How many cuntishly unfunny Austins ARE there out there? Or is this just the one Austin who is ridiculously prolific?

  19. I don’t remember these thing’s names. I rarely remember their transgressions. Just assume they’re spawning and multiplying at a rate of 10 a day.
    no, don’t. that’s really depressing.

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