Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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  1. Stay pressed, James. Either you’re jealous you won’t ever fuck a woman as fabulous as Monroe, or you’re jealous you won’t ever be as fabulous as Monroe. Either way, you jealous.

  2. Dawn of the Dan

    I just watch “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” last night.
    I really don’t see the appeal. She’s like a 7.5 to me.

  3. ^^ Monroe fan. I agree with James. Can you imagine people in the future idolizing people like Madonna??

  4. Saw pics of Marilyn with a dildo once, that’s fine it just freaked me out that it was plugged into a wall outlet.

  5. That’s not jealously. James is onto something. Monroe is dead and there’s plenty of better women out there .

  6. I killed RothJacob’s best friend’s sister and came up $15,809 in 15 minutes without having to open a computer

  7. ^ Why’d it take you 15 minutes, Hero? You got your freak on, didn’t you, you twisted fuck?

  8. Dude that’s 222.66 hours a month! How does 55 hours a week equate to “a few hours”? If she’s making $71 an hour on the internet I bet it involves some large black dudes with enormous todgers spraying her with gentleman juice.

  9. I agreed with everything in this until the end. The song Elton John wrote for her was beautifully composed. Might disagree with his opinion of her, but it was a great song.

  10. The UK sizes actually come up bigger than the US. Size zero is our size 4. So a UK 8 would be a US 6.

  11. That flame was a long time coming, coildve been done better. It’s not jealousy of a dead drug addicted floozy who guys born after she died couldn’t give half a fuck about. It’s annoyance at all the Annoying Facebook Girls who mindlessly repost it like it’s something insightful. It’s what I call fast food self esteem, just a quick shot of ego trip to rationalize away that you can’t be bothered to treat your man well or make any real effort at self improvement. Guys have to attention-whore the old fashioned way, by having actual achievements in fitness, work, social skills, his band, and other areas of life. We don’t sit for hours on Facebook and like each other’s postings of puppy pictures and Marilyn quotes.

    By the way, they auctioned one of Marilyn’s items of movie clothing. They had to sand down a size 2 mannequin to display it. Marilyn was SKINNY in the waist, not a size 8 let alone 14.

  12. ^ here are your blood pressure pills, here are your anti-depressants, here are your anti-psychotics
    anything we missed?
    hope you feel better soon

  13. …and by the way, I am a man who spends hours on facebook looking at puppy pictures and marilyn quotes, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that…
    …and achievements? pah! they are as nothing in the face of my last motivational quote poster

  14. Krunchiefrog, a UK size 8 would be a US size 4 not 6 we’re two sizes in front of theirs. Just saying 🙂

  15. Marilyn Monroe was cute, but I have seen hotter. Maybe she had a real hot personality to get all those guys…

  16. ^ Or she was just easy.

  17. @ SLG, wading through all of the puppy pictures and cheesy quotes to get to the good stuff, right?

  18. wait, isn’t that the good stuff?

  19. I don’t care about Marilyn Monroe, but every time I see that quote, I die a little on the inside. I feel like girls use that quote as an excuse to be able to act as bitchy as they want.

  20. Hey laila. Way to reiterate what was already said by our pal Jim.

  21. I would estimate 99% of chicks who post shit like this would not even know where the original quote came from. James is aiming at the wrong target.

  22. Hey flames. Way to say something nobody cares about. Again.

  23. And you say that, like you’re relevant .

  24. Hi Laila 😀

  25. You know who gives me the shits? The punning bastard that gets paid to come up with crap like “MOANroe”.

  26. if I came up with “MOANroe” i’d want a lot of money so that i could drink away the shame.

  27. Ah, but flames, I’m not trying to be relevant. I’m trying to stave off the boredom of insomnia.
    Hey MsAnne. I don’t think it’s possible to drink away the amount of shame produced. Not without dying of alcohol poisoning, anyway. Not that that’s neccesarily a bad thing.

  28. ^ but heroin might do the job. it’s worth a try, right?

  29. Who’s Marilyn Munroe?

  30. Heroin is always worth a try.

  31. ^or two!

  32. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I hate when girls post Marilyn’s overused quotes too, trying to make themselves seem glamorous… That guy clearly just can’t get laid and therefore has issues with women, though.

  33. Candle in the Wind kicks ass. Fuck you, bro.

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