Wednesday, April 29, 2009

People swim with sting rays all the time


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  1. jesus christ, can i get a spoiler alert please? thanks for ruining the patriot for me.

  2. For my money, this one wins….hands down

  3. I’d call MKO

  4. I’m still waiting for 2nd’s comments on Anna Nicole’s filmography.

  5. Haha I remember when I heard that ANS, Steve Irwin and Heath Ledger had all died htat year…I looked at my friend and went Triple Kill! hahah so epic…does that make me a bad person?

  6. derrickdaweirdo

    No DeadeyeDante.. It makes you a very sexual appealing man. What’s your phone number!?!?

  7. The person who’s wall this came from is either:
    A. A fat stupid teenage girl who has friends because she makes them look better..
    B. An early twenties dumbass who follows celebrity activities because she thinks she’ll have a media career someday..
    OR (and my favourite)
    C. A stereotypical borderline retard who perpetuates the myth that people give two fucks about the entertainment “industry” and the people who work it. If you’re a fan of McDonalds, do you stalk and read about the fry cook and the kid who cleans the bathrooms? Get a life.

  8. I hope Britney sues you. fucking airheads.

  9. “people swim with stingrays all the time” and “would he make a masseuse appointment if he didn’t plan on being alive”… awesome!! This girl has got to be a blond cheerleader.

  10. I love it when fans write things about celebrities as if they actually knew/know them. That is the ultimate tell-tale sign of a loser.

    “Also, I think the media should just stay away and let the family grieve”
    This girl needs to take her own advice, maybe that way she can stop boring everyone with her teeny bopper views on celebs. I wonder if she realises how little people care.

  11. you can tell a comment is going to be shit when it begins with “i love it how/when”. @LB your second paragraph is complete bullshit. this girl doesnt stalk celebrities and take photos of them and then make a story irrespective of the context. do you actually think people care about your comment. you would no doubt respond “well clearly you do” but it is midnight i am high and have nothing better to do. so in conclusion go suck a 12 inch

  12. People DO swim with sting rays all the time dudes. I swam with sting rays, hell, I even held them.

  13. i work with stingrays all day everyday in Grand cayman, even trodden on them multiple times by accident, no tail flick no aggression, their purly defensive animals and in GC are very used to human contact, yeh u can get away with it there, cuddle em feed em no problem, but irwin scared a bull ray in oz……for a guy whos ment to be an expert he wasnt the brightest crayon in the box….its a sad loss for sure but he should have known better.

  14. @j rad
    if you haven’t seen The Patriot by now, you deserve to have the ending spoiled

  15. agreed Tara, The Patriot has been out for 10 years! J Rad has had plenty of time to get off their butt and see it.

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