Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I heard they was good books


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  1. STILL
    Rubbing your asshole against them doesn’t count.

  2. Actually, the verb DOES in fact agree with the subject, which is “series.” So, “series was” is grammatically correct. The problem is the subject complement “the last books that I read.” They should have said “the last SERIES of books that I read.” Now it all agrees.

    I hope this post doesn’t end up on Lamebook. LOL

  3. @Shady
    you sicken me

  4. Agree with Shady.

    The “Left Behind” series of books sound like a collection of books for kids who failed a year of school.

  5. @nik
    As the Left Behind series is about the apocalypse and is intended for heavily religous (read: deluded) individuals, your comment is very accurate.

  6. Sadly, I think this may have been mine! Haha. I know I have these books under my Favorite Books section, but I honestly do not remember if I actually said that on my profile. I probably did. Who knows? However, I do like these books and I’m barely religious. If at all. Just thought they were a good read.

  7. The “Left Behind” book are not only batshit-insane, they are also very poorly written.

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