Friday, August 28, 2009

My Name’s Mark

My Name's Mark

My Name's Mark

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  2. I love this entry, thanks mark’s friends for the show 😉

  3. Hi my names mark and im incredibly tall

  4. If there’s an opportunity for guys to mercilessly rag one of their buds, they’ll jump on it likes wolves. It’s our way of keeping each other’s egos in check (not necessarily saying Mark has a big ego)

    This is just how guys rip on each other.

  5. Serial Thriller


  6. Lame, indeed!

  7. Fuckin’ hipsters!

  8. “Hi, my name’s Meyanna, and I laughed hysterically at this comment thread. That is all.”

  9. Hey so this is the real mark, although I can’t really prove that.

    This whole deal was pretty funny. One or two remarks were kinda shitty though. Thom is kindof a dick, which is ironic becase fat guys are supposed to be jolly. I wish I charged him more for that ride to richmond st. The house was 2 houses away from the corner, and it was a one way street. I would of had to go all the way around to drop him 20 meters closer- fuck that.

    Also, I was really serious in this picture. I don’t think my friends have ever seen me with a serious face. Since telling everyone I broke up with her after the trip I guess it gave new meaning to the picture cause a straight face can look extremely sad given a certain context.

    But what the fuck is one supposed to do when posing for a picture in front of ground zero? I guess the obvious choice is laugh.

  10. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    WTF!!!! that is soooooo….wrong?

  11. @ 23 – “I like how, after it is pointed out that it is ground zero to Chris, he refers to the construction workers as ‘life-saving’.”

    Uhh, that was part of the joke, I think…

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