Tuesday, July 28, 2009



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  1. Kourtney Kourtney Kourtney, I suspect stubble rash on ‘the girls’.

  2. “The girls”, “sucky place”, unintentional pun ftw.

  3. You had me at rash

  4. All to be expected from a girl who’s name is (K)ourtney

  5. Still TMI.

  6. Kourtney brings to mind another similarly named “girl” who is definately a lady-boy – Kourtney Kardashian!

  7. “that’s where the sun doesn’t shine, right?”

    No, those are your testicles.

  8. hahaha.. no comment will top “you had me at rash”!! haha

  9. Potato Head, FTW. Thank you !

  10. Candy Blackmail

    “Fever Rash” is the new buzz word for Valtrex.

  11. No Dratic, you’re thinking of chesticles.

  12. Fever rash? Is that anything like ‘fever blisters’ aka HERPES?

  13. Her Please?


  15. okay, so I have to admit, it was a rash from having a fever, as I had been super sick that weekend. It’s all gone now! I’m disease free kids!

  16. Soap and water, Kourtney. Wash.

  17. tried club soda?

  18. i hate you, kourtney.

  19. youre not my mum you're my practice mum

    anyone who casually refers to herpes as ‘the herps’ has clearly got a lot of experience with it

  20. Lies! I call it the herp, the AIDS, etc, not because I have any experience with STDS – never had one – but because I’m a douche. There’s a difference! in any case…wear condoms and don’t share rashes with FB, no matter their origin!

  21. @Meredith – AIDS is a little more than a STD, but you go with whatever you know.

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