Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gettin’ Caught Up…

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  1. yawn

  2. at least she can quit that tree job.
    flying squirrels can really make for a stressful day

  3. Why the hell do people bother contacting the person a spouse is cheating with? Never understood it; the responsibility is with the cheater, not their fuck bag.

    So much better to quietly drain the bank accounts, cut off their insurance, stop paying any bills in their name, and sell off all their important and valuable shit in one fell swoop. Preferably in untraceable cash transactions. Boom! Revenge, bitches.

  4. Amen, sister.

  5. @ Miss Shegas hahaha oh my god you’re Boom! Revenge, bitches line made me giggle.. I’m going to have to steal that one from you:)

  6. holy shit, i meant “your” I’ll blame it on the shingles.

  7. I bestow it freely upon you, hpcan. Glad to send a few laughs out into the world. 🙂

  8. God, Manda is such a bitch.
    @hpcan The shingles are the worst. Schadenfreude.

  9. slicingupeyeballs

    I’d quite like a fuck bag…

  10. Don’t fuck bags. After i sniffed some glue i tried to fuck a bag but got into a sticky mess

  11. Have a little sympathy you guys, tree jobs aren’t easy. She probably takes sticks to the face all day >:( She’ll miss that a lot when she quits though I think.

  12. If my husband was cheating I would call the other women. Not to be mean to her so much and to find out if she knew about me.

  13. This is why I only date women who don’t speak English.

  14. thisisnotanexit, is that the real reason? I’m not trying to be cynical here, but I think the real reason most women seek out the “other woman” (one way or another) is to see what she’s like – or more to the point, what she looks like, and to see if she’s hotter/slimmer/younger/or whatever than themselves. It’s normal female curiosity. You can disagree with me if you want, but basically, it all comes down to looks. Everything does. It’s a shallow world we live in, guys.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word if I wasn’t making a pass at you before, then I certainly want to stick my dick in your moist places after comment #14. That was literally, EXACTLY what I was about to type.

  16. That was some slick game duke. Word, I think it would just be impolite to turn him down after he lays down those kind of moves.

  17. Jonjones, he knows how to charm the ladies, that’s for sure.

    But you should know by now I’m not much for that kind of romantic talk, Dukey. I can’t handle it. Next you’ll be singing outside my window or something…

  18. Now don’t be impolite word.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Not singing, but what if I play the Piano or the Guitar outside your window without the aid of my fingers? That should count.

  20. That sounds intriguingly… talented of you. That would definitely score you some points.

  21. if a man wants to be with a woman who won’t tell him he sucks in bed, maybe he shouldn’t suck in bed. if i think you’re bad in bed i’m not keeping that shit to myself. although i will have a more reasonable list of things i liked and things i didn’t instead of just going BOOOOO

    as for contacting the other woman, i agree with word. it’s just to see what she’s like. does she seem bitchy? ditzy? tall, short? what does she have that the wife doesn’t have. who cares if she knew that the guy was married, the guy is still cheating.

  22. Shin!
    I wish you had told me you wanted a guy who was GOOD in bed, all this time I’ve been working at getting as bad in bed as possible.

    It’s obvious you women just want to see how has bigger boobs. I assume that’s what you do when you confront another woman anyway, among other things….and I spend A LOT of time fantasizing about that exact situation so I’m probably the most experienced person here regarding woman-on-woman confrontations.

  23. well i have been lowering my standards, so just because i tell you, won’t mean i expect you to listen or do anything differently. you’re safe.

    and bigger boobs won’t mean anything if to us if she’s also a lot fatter.

  24. Cool it guys. No need to get nasty.

    My wife usually wants to know what my girlfriends look like AND if they knew about her. If they knew about her, she storms out of the cafe and leaves my girlfriend with the bill. My wife takes like 6 sugars. Sweet revenge, she says.

  25. @23
    Well sure, but who cheats with a fat girl?

    That would be like trading a twenty for a couple of crumpled up, used ones.

  26. You’d actually be surprised, but it happens a lot, Jonjones. Often the other woman is fatter and less attractive than the wife, and that’s what can bamboozle the wife so much. They don’t understand it. Say the wife is hot, but she’s a total ice queen who’s rarely open for business, then hey, sometimes hubby will go looking for someone to give him what the hot/cold wifey won’t. And in those sometimes, it may mean him getting it from a fugly. Some blokes will just settle for what they can get. Real talk.

  27. Fat girls apparently give blow jobs, too, unlike a lot of wives. That’s a simpler explanation.

  28. If I wanted to creep up my husband’s mistress just to see what she was like, I wouldn’t talk to her, I’d just straight-up creep her. I’d only talk to her if, as thisisnotanexit said, I wanted to actually hear what she had to say.

  29. word – What is this ‘blow job’ you speak of? I know it involves trouser snakes, pouty lips and a promise of gifts.

  30. That Karen must be Irish, having tree jobs.

    Way way back when we were teenagers I had to explain to a friend what a blow job was. She asked “so do you just blow on it”. Hmmm.

  31. When my 7th wife discovered i’d been cheating on her she was furious…that was the last time she ever let me be the banker in Monopoly….

    I thought it was a pretty odd punishment for fucking her mum and sister but never mind.

  32. Oh Irish joke. pity we dont have 3 jobs between the whole country, that selfish job hogging bitch

  33. If I was Frank I’d have fucked off from that dyslexic stalker bitch too. Hooking up with a fatty would just be the icing on the cake.

  34. i agree with the girls on here. the only reason i would look up the girl just to see what she was like. no need to yell at the girl for hooking up with your guy. the guy wasnt forced to sleep with her im sure, so ultimately you should try to ruin his life not hers LOL

  35. Yes, but she was so nice

  36. Hi, longtime lurker, seldom poster. I believe the password is: “I have epic tits.” Which I do.

    Word has it spot-on. The wife is just blathering on about how married the guy is (and FYI, he sucks in the sack.) It sounds like she’s pleading with Manda “oh, please don’t take him away from me, wouldn’t you please think of the children?” If you’re going to be that wishy washy about it, I probably was only talking, but might have a run at it now for sport.

    Wife needs to get some gumption, knock her cheating husband off his ass financially, and as Miss Shegas said: “Boom! Revenge, bitches!” and that’s all she wrote. This guy is all dick, no balls.

  37. Shin, at least you give the guy a list of things to work on. I’d consider that far better than saying (or not saying) it and then just not having sex.

    Wordy, it is totally so the woman can compare… and, occasionally, kick the shit out of her (depending on how the wife manages her anger).

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