Wednesday, April 29, 2009

“Original” Tatherine


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  1. oh my goodness

  2. Is Cathy just a giant foot?

  3. you got a flower on your toe? that must be some hairy flower.

  4. Let’s see–she’s got a Chinese “symbol”, a heart, a flower, and a butterfly. Next up: a star or a fairy, or perhaps a tribal design, probably a tramp stamp.

  5. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to send her Chinese “symbol” tattoo to Hanzi Smatter.

  6. Haha fat bitch

  7. A neo tribal 0.o yeeeaaah

  8. Fuck eh? get a few more and it will look like your wearing socks.. a heart and a flower? throw in a star a feather and a mushroom and they would be super Mario themed..

  9. @ celix

    there are no hearts or feathers in SM

  10. I have a sleeve and a legsleeve bitch.

  11. She has all these crap things on the one foot? Makes it 10 times worse. What a muppet.

  12. how would you have a sleeve on your leg? wouldnt that be considered a pant leg…..bitch?

  13. @ sdfgd
    Actually there are feathers in SMB. Super Mario World for the SNES has the “cape feather”…

  14. Ugh Flowers and stars?

  15. OMG, the next one MUST be a damn rose right on the shoulder

  16. no no.. it will be a fairy crawling out from between her toes, although it should be a tramp stamp in script:
    Generic Foot Fetish

  17. 10 bucks says that Chinese symbol means something like “Lobster” and not “Faith”.

  18. Wow, she has the most boring tattoos ever.

  19. woohooo let’s get random tattoos to be cool. I’m from Canada, a guy came from the east cost and move to out west where i am, this dude gets a tattoo to show his east coast pride, only to get a tattoo artist that is illiterate and got tattooed “east cost” on him, and it was a huge back tattoo

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