Friday, April 24, 2009

Shut the Food Up


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  1. so good … and so lame.

  2. Bitch poop. Both of you are still fat.

  3. Stick your finger down your throat.

  4. Oyster Bake mention = St. Mary’s University in Texas = a female student population full of MRS. degree seekers (save for the odd sociology or biochemistry student) who’d resort to anorexia/bulimia to snag the douchebag fratboy types who tend to be the majority of the male student populace. Truly pathetic overall and a huge waste of time and money. But, you know, the little frilly idiots like it.

  5. @Ann Onny Mouse
    Girl, please! I went to Wellesley. I guess we were more academic than what you described, but it was still a major taco fiesta.

  6. …those larst.

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